1. How will this do for BF4 (my first gaming pc)
    Processor: AMD 6-core FX-6300 (probably 3-4 GHz, i just need to check)
    Graphics card: AMD radeon HD 7750 with 2GB of graphics memory
    Windows 8
    8 GB of DDR3 RAM

  2. What are going to happen to the people that dont have the money to get an
    3gb video card will they still be able to play ?

  3. Thermaltake Commander Gaming tower • AMD A10-6800K Quad Core 4.4GHz Turbo •
    GIGABYTE A85XM-HD3 móðurborð • 8GB DUAL DDR3 1600MHz ram • 1TB SATA3
    7200RPM 64MB diskur • 24x DVD SuperMulti skrifari • 1GB ATI HD7770 OC DX11
    videocard What will i get out of this rig

  4. Sorry if this really bothers you, but that radeon card is an HD card, and i
    have windows 8, and a 64-bit operating system

  5. Processor: AMD 6-core FX 6300. Graphics card: AMD radeon 7750 with 2GBs of
    graphics memory and 8GB of DDR3 RAM. Can this run BF4 at medium quailty and
    get 60 FPS?

  6. im coming from an xbox with no hdd, playing bf3, and the graphics are
    TERRIBLE. The bf4 beta graphicslook god compared to my 360

  7. The reason why it performs better on windows 8 is because it is using
    dx11.2 while current windows 7 is using dx11.1

  8. How would this run ????? AMD FX-4100 Quad-Core CPU 10% PowerDrive
    Overclocking Gigabyte GA-970A-G43 MB Triple Radiator CPU Cooler NVIDIA
    GeForce GTX 650Ti 2GB 8gb DDR3-1600 Memory 1TB SATA-III Hard Drive 24X Dual
    Format DVD±RW Combo Windows 8 + Office 2010 Trial

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