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  1. wow, every time i search for office 2013 free for hours then i come across
    a video like this that actually works, thankyou

  2. Thank you so much! This is the easiest download, install, and activation
    that I have found. You are awesome! Keep up the brilliant work! 

  3. I’m afraid Microsoft Office 2013 will not work on Windows XP, By
    architecture I mean if you have a 32 bit windows installed then you will
    have to install the 32bit version of Microsoft Office, if you have a 64 bit
    then you will install the 64 bit version of Microsoft Office.

  4. I use windows xp and downloaded it for my friend so that he can have the
    Office 2013 Professional Plus. By what do you mean to open the correct
    architecture? I have opened the Setup.exe file. That is it. If you can help
    me more, thank you very much!

  5. Make sure you open the correct architecture for your system, secondly it
    could be due to a corrupted download.

  6. When I open the “setup.exe” file it says : This is not a valid win32
    aplication. PLZ help me bro, btw I subscribed 😉

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