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  1. how to uninstall? atmos sounds so crappy with common stereo speakers (it wont switch so i guess uninstall is the only way)

  2. This method does not work… When I use your shift+restart method, after I choose restart, my computer screen just goes dark, I click 7 or F7, but pretty sure that does nothing for me and then I just have to force shut down and turn back on. I also tried the cmd method of turning off Driver Signature Enforcement, this does nothing either because I get the error message "The third-party INF does not contain digital signature information.” each time no matter how many times I try turning off Driver Signature Enforcement. Your channel consists of giving this same tutorial on getting Dolby Access, yet more than half of your comments tell you the method does not work, tons of dislikes and some videos of this same tutorial you just disable likes or dislikes. So you are taking advantage of people by stealing views and ad money without giving actual solutions. You are a disgusting human being. Have a good day.

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