1. haha yeah i had that realization a couple of times cause some of them gave tickets and some gave tokens.

  2. yes time crisis was my ish too, remember the orange guys that would come out of the most random places that were worth mad bonus points!!! +5000

  3. good thing you don’t work in a grocery store. that happens to me 5+ times daily.

    I LOVED Virtual-On. dual joystick control over a giant robot? I still have dreams about it! I also played Time Crisis II a lot… they had it at this vacation place my family went to a few times and it was one of the few things that entertained me, and I must have spent heaps of cash beating it multiple times over.

  4. Several of the 5 gays talked about when you had your first gay feelings, when did ya’ll have your first gay experiences?

  5. that’s so funny that you brought up the arcadce topic cuz me and my sister were gunna go to an arcade that was at the mall we went to on thursday. And i saw that circle of lights game. I just always remember there being some person who was really good at that and getting crap loads of tickets from it… hahaha

  6. One time I got a bunch of quarters to fall off the edge, and instead of getting the quarters that fell I got tickets to the prize counter. This surprised me because I thought I’d be getting the quarters. When I went to exchange the tickets, I could only get very crappy stuff (like a pencil w/ an eraser that looked like a monster’s head), not at all worth the bunch of quarters that fell. I was so disappointed, I never played it again. 🙁

  7. Back in the 70s, Step father #2 managed a bar in Leduc Alberta, I was 7 my job was to hose out the washrooms and sweep up all the sawdust/vomit mounds throughout the bar. I gladly did it for a couple quarters to play Pong or Pinball, The first time I saw Pong with a colour screen it blew my little mind. B&W TV at home with two channels. You have no idea how much time I sat there desperately waiting for the nice old chain smoking waitress to come in at noon so someone would play with me.

  8. oh yea! first haha, dude there is this place here called nickel nickel and you buy like 20 bucks or 5 or whatever, in nickels and then you play games, and i honestly loved the help me fall of the cliff one! ahh i was addicted..

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