12 Minutes of NIDHOGG 2 Gameplay

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  1. Really awesome game ! I just got my video up a couple of hours ago as well !
    If you want to do a multiplayer video of Nidhogg 2 Let me know ! o>

  2. I love the factor they totally changed the artstyle from first to second. And when the third nidhogg releases im sure it Will be totally different. It just shows that they dont care. Its cool

  3. Okay quick … everyone hop on the bandwagon of, 'not liking this game bc of the new art style' oh wait, it seems that ship sailed long ago.

  4. I'm personally ok with the art style here, but why do we have to play as these weird fuzzy bum-fucks instead of having characters coherent to the weapon you start with? Like have the user for the one-handed sword be a European fencer or the user for the two-handed sword be a knight, or have the user of the dagger be a hooded assassin

  5. Well i love the character design.
    They are far better than the shitty pixeles from the original Nidhogg.
    This retarded guys from 4Chan and 9GAG need to stop this stupids comments about characters :v

  6. The environment looks amazing but the characters just look bad like please rough them out a lil

  7. The first game was so mysterious and ambiguos, simple and elegant… Daedalus sountrack and everything. This sequel looks way too flashy, cartoonish and happy. I of course like the inclusion of new weapons and stages but the new aesthetic looks ridiculous.

  8. Don't understand all the negative comments re art direction and visual style. Sure the characters are ugly, but in a comical way. They're meant to look that way, it adds to the charm and overall appeal.

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