13 MILLION BLOODPOINTS – The Perfect Meg – Dead by Daylight with HybridPanda

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  1. Ok so some of you don't seem to understand what is happening here!
    There is an issue with Dead by Daylight where some players have their save file wiped.
    All characters back to level 1 etc.
    If this happens to you then you need to contact Dead by Daylight and they will send you bloodpoints based on how many hours you have in the game.
    This is my girlfriends DBD account that had its progression wiped and I jumped on it to record this video.
    Holy crap I explained that in the first few seconds of the video.

  2. you try to unhook at full health and get pulled off, let the killer hit you first then go for the unhook

  3. My meg is prestige 3 level 50 I use disive strike sprint burst self care iron will. my Laurie is prestige 1 level 42 and I use lithe disive strike quick and quiet and self care. My feng is level 42 and I use alert bond sprint burst borrowed time. For my cluedete is level 40 use self care botany knolage sprint burst and disisive strike. For new that is level 33 I use self care sprint burst disisive strike and urban evasion.

  4. How long did your girlfriend played to receive 13m bloodpoints? I just want to compare it with how much I got for my wiped data….

  5. I think they should rename “the Macmillan estate” to “the trapper estate” to make people less confused

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