(2010 – The Safe Way)How to download Modio, Xplorer360, and winRAR

(2010 - The Safe Way)How to download Modio, Xplorer360, and winRAR

Free modio download is ready to be downloaded

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  1. @emitition Question. Can i get a mod that was made for the PC, tranfer it to modio and do all the steeps needed (what ever those steps are) and get it to work on my Xbox? Im new to moding…ive been on the PC over 6 hours trying to figuer things out. PLZ REPLY )=

  2. You will need winRAR to decompress the modio files. Modio is compressed so it can travel through the internet faster. As for the WaW zombies mods, you will need to find them on another site. We recommend going to thetechgame and try to find one there. Search them on Google

  3. whats the winRAR for, i just need modio, USB explorer 360, and WaW modded zombies, can u plz tell me if the modio in this video is the same modio for WaW? and can i have a link to WaW modded zombies? ty!

  4. Converting the downloads section from the ES site to PUR3 Gaming. We have chosen to do so because the ES site is meant for more business related things as PUR3 Gaming is more gamer related things. Hope you all like the change.

  5. i’m having trouble with the xplorer 360 not sure the whole functionality there it’s not to hard to learn just finding the resources….. what is ur website?????

  6. The Game-Tuts site is up for now. They are having a LOT of trouble with their hosting company so they may keep being shut down. They are still keeping the host though because it is cheap and it would be too hard to upload the site on another server. When our site is up we will have Modio up for download. We are very sorry about how long it is taking for our site but it will be up eventually. We are trying to make it perfect for everyone!

  7. its may be because your safety software counts it as malware. Malware is a type of adware or software on the computer that can sometimes be suspicious to virus programs. If you turn of the safety settings then it may work. The downloads are trusted as I uploaded them myself and scanned them with over 10 anti-virus software. Hope this helped 😀

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