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So you got your hands on the hot, deck building RTS for mobile phones but you keep getting your butt handed to you in the arena? Well, no worries, because we have you covered with these Clash Royale cheats tips and tricks.

When you’re out in the field, you can call upon the cards in your immediate hand using up Elixir points. These are dictated by the purple number on each of the cards. You’ll notice that you’ll start the match with five Elixir points and the bar slowly fills up. It’s really important that you don’t waste all your points so easily. Ration it intelligently to make sure you don’t have any dead time while your enemy lands all their units on the field at once.

This also means you’ll need to be smart about how you build your deck to begin with. Sure, Princes and Giants are incredibly strong, but they both cost a hefty five Elixir points to cast. This could spell disastrous if those are the only two units out on the field for you, and you’re left recuperating your Elixir from zero afterwards. Create a balance of more small units, medium, and big. For example, I like to keep a Giant (five), a Prince (five), a Goblin Hut (five), a Musketeer (four), Fireball (four), Valkyrie (four), Bomber (three), and Arrows (three).

Find the balance that suits you, but don’t forget that the smaller units are definitely useful in an Elixir crunch.
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