2D Sketch Constraints, A Beginners Guide | Inventor & Fusion 360

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  1. You lot kill me, I completely forgot about and missed G2 Smooth, realised my omission during editing, decided it's probably just as well as it's too advanced to be on a beginners vid, roll with it, and then that's the first thing that gets picked up on!! Ha. I'll do a dedicated G2 Smooth vid separate to this one 🙂

  2. Henceforth I will never call the Horizontal constraint anything other than "the upside-down Loch Ness Monster thing"!

  3. Hi there, i just started to watch your inventor.
    From what i can see you cant be to inventive in inventor. You need to know precise what you want to do, to apply constraints at every step. In one word, inventor isnt the place where your ideas are born and get polished to an acceptable level.

     I am wrong? If so, can you please show me an approaching method? Dont know, maybe using a 3d sketch or something like this, construction lines, planes. A way to draw and start detailing without losing the entire model (part or assembly) from sight. Can you modify a solid on place? I mean without switching to his 2d sketch view.

    Many thanks:)

  4. Hello, have you done videos about CAD mice/trackballs, equipment or something that makes work/workflow faster?

  5. Thank you !!! I was looking for a tutorial like this like forever, you have made my day sir

  6. i learn more from your videos than in school Thanks.. Could you make more tutorials in fusion 360?

  7. Could you do a video on detailing drawings. Like coloring layers and having more options once they are exported in .dwg
    I just convinced another subscriber, an engineering student in the USA from Newcastle. I'm sure he would try to get in touch. Cheers!

  8. Autodesk I hope your watching. Tutorials .this is how you do it …
    short and sweat. bite size .

  9. how can we project 2d sketch on the 3d object, for example, we have a cylinder and we want to apply 2d circle that it has wave like the washer and it has 4 wave

  10. Good video Neil, a good way to use the constrains quickly is pressing Ctrl button and then right click in sketch environment, that show you all the constrains with their names. I just discover by accident and now I can't design whiteout using it (the quick access, not the constrains).

  11. I was asked to draw an isometrics view of a sheet metal with bending parts , I have drawn the shape as they mentioned . But it happened to have some changes on dimension once I projected them on drawing in autodesk inventor . Bending radius got changed , even dimension . Please help me with one tutorial . Thnx

  12. excellent video! As a beginner from a non CADee background i found that merely howering over the unlabelled buttons is super helpfull as you get pop outs explaining the function

  13. Excellent video. Could you possibly make a video about constraining 2D sketches with splines? And how to properly draw and manipulate them? Thanks.

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