1. Forget about this game immediately.
    I wrote a program myself that reacts much faster than a human. This has absolutely nothing to do with skill, this is pure scam bullshit. Spend your moeny elsewhere.

  2. 3blox-scam.blogspot.com proof… why would someone make a software that it would be so easy to lose so much money

  3. Your just bad at this game bud. Mine goes that fast in freeplay and I have no problem getting to the top. I WRECK those stackers you see in arcades. Ask my xbox. Thats where it was born.

  4. @anakin82030 well if you would never play for real money wtf is the sense of playing? Its like gambling you win and loose some.

  5. OMG really? Seriously, you posted this video claiming you got suckered and didn’t even use the FIRST rule of 3BLOX which is to stack the blocks against the side wall to increase your chances and NEVER click stop until after more than just a few seconds. Gotta give the blocks time to go through their “skip” phase and keep using that wall!!! Its the only way man. Try it this way and if you still lose I will believe you. Of course, Im no idiot. I would NEVER play this for real money…

  6. Yo, have you thought about this thing called the Intellitus Cash System? (look for it on google). My buddy says it gets people plenty of income.

  7. i found the way to actually win big time with this!
    Assholes tried to trick me so i found the way.
    I didnt make 1000s a day but made 50 for 3 days now!
    Download it, its undetectable too.
    3blox BOT!!!

  8. Yes its Scam Game ….i Won 100€ and than i lose 100 Games its be was to fast ..i hate these scam game.

  9. Yeah I read about this software developer on blogspot.com who created a program to confirm that the blocks slip. I still had to try it for myself.

  10. I sucked at first but then I was getting up into the game points and money almost every time. But here’s where the scam comes in. The blocks will not only speed up, but sometimes it will SLIP past a block when you CLEARLY clicked it right when it was on top of the block below it. I almost won the one hundred dollar one a few times while bidding 10 dollars, but the block SLIPPED past even though I clicked right on it. Lot of suckers that got scammed that game (myself included)

  11. I don’t think so man, most of the time it goes to fast to be able to time it right
    but I just don’t get how that guy could get 40,000 idk maybe the software easier in Germany haha

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