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  1. wait what? Fane went from "we're the best race ever, everything about our people was great" to suddenly "we'd make a more imperfect world!"

  2. Skeleton in a Pilgrim Hat! Did anyone else notice that the books in the Eternal Library were what would be considered modern books, even though nobody has been inside for possibly centuries? How strange…Wonder if that was just an oversight or if it's implying that other Godwoken have been inside in recent times…Probably just an oversight.

    Speaking of the Eternal Academy, the architecture of the place looks AWESOME! The Divinity folks really did a fantastic job with it, wouldn't you agree? So many stairs, though…They are all over the place! Those Eternal Scholars must have had some amazing glutes…

    You know, now that I think about it…What's stopping the Mercenaries from vying for the power of Divinity? I mean, you've only known that other Lizard for a few hours at the most. It's not like she has any real loyalty to you or anything, and she sure as hell isn't your 'friend'…Sure, you paid her fee, but that amount of Gold is nothing when Godhood is right around the corner…I know it's just gameplay reasoning to give you a replacement for one of the real companions and all, but I can't help but think it's a tiny bit silly.

    I won't lie, I'm just a little bit disappointed you did so well with that Guardian fight. I was expecting it to do some super rowdy shenanigans like constantly spawn enemies or do ABSURD amounts of damage. I just got that feeling that the whole "You. Will. Not. Win. This. Fight." line was the game being a sly bastard, Warning (Or Taunting!) you about being stubborn and trying to advance into an area you aren't supposed to be in yet. I guess I'm just a bit of a Negative Nancy and expect any game to be a complete and utter douche at every opportunity it gets…

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