5 Reasons Overwatch Could Fail

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  1. I'd say price and payment model is a problem. For me Dota is full of very wretched people, but it is those people that provide the numbers and the agression for the game to feel like a competition. There are many ways to look at this problem, and some people might like it exactly this way, but for me the price tag and all of the necessarily following audience changes are a stop sign.

    That being said I'm currently playing Mordheim which can't be considered extremely cheap – but it does not hurt due to it being a different genre.

  2. My thoughts on the 5 topics:
    1: Actually no blizzard game did this afaik. It's literally included in blizzards policies to release something when it's done and not try to put out an early release date they wont be able to keep.
    2: Indirectly explained by 1. Blizzard-fan or not, one thing goes for them: the games they release are actually pretty bug free imo. The only game i know about where performance was an issue from time to time was Diablo 3.
    3: Agreed.
    4: Jeah. Even after the game is launched, this could be a problem. But i hope it wont be. They seem to be very cautious about what they change. Slight dva buffs and mccree nerfs incoming, we'll see.
    (5): Until now balance looks pretty decent for a newly launched game. There is nothing game breaking. Some heros like bastion can be to strong in unorganized teams. Others seem a bit underwhelming, but in the right hands are extremely over powered (hello Mei). We'll see.

  3. Overwatch is a "bullet sponge big map FPS."

    They always, always, always fail. Every time, all the time…fact.

  4. i'm not too worried about some of these, but a couple of them you have VERY good points on sir.

    Though, i'm very confident overwatch will do well, and blizzard will do things right. i honestly don't have much reason otherwise.

  5. Well. I didn't like any of your opinions. At the start I thought: "Yes!There's a lot of problem this game will face."
    But you didn't mention any valid point.
    I think overwatch will fail miserably in e-sport world, but not from any of you points at all. You really need to improve specific and better points.
    For example of your statings "Game could fail because new engine"? Are you serious?! ALL THE GAMES could fail following this opinion. It is not even a valid point and not even an opinion matter.
    Bugs? Ohh well… newsflash… all games have bugs here and there. ¬¬ So what? Blizzard probably is the best company to fix bugs in record time. Please, improve. I hope you don't get offended or hurted. I'm just doing positive criticizes. I know you can do better than this. 😉
    If you talking about Overwatch then talk about "Overwatch". Rewatch your video, all you stated could serve every game in existence.
    I wish you sucess. ;)

  6. Yeah….
    Those are pretty valid reasons.
    Don't know where the dislikes come from though…..

  7. Look at Dota 2. That game is balanced around the competitive scene, and it's the most played game on steam. A game balanced around e-sports doesn't necessarily mean that it's not suited for casual players too. And this is coming from someone who really dislikes playing competitively.

    Also, releasing unfinished and extremely glitchy games is just common practice today. Look at the battlefield series, assassin's creed, hell, fallout 4 is one of the most popular games on steam right now, and we all know how glitchy bethesda games are.

    Obviously I'm not condoning the idea of releasing an unfinished product, but Overwatch looks very well polished. Even if they were to release it now, it'd be in better condition than a lot of other AAA titles.

  8. These 5 reasons sound reasonable, but I also think these 5 reasons are a little bit too general, coz it can apply to almost every new game. Blizzard is somewhat very different from other gaming companies, it has a long history but only a few games, and almost all games are very successful in both short and long term. I think you need to take Blizzard's strengths and weaknesses into consideration.

  9. Overfavoring e-sport. Finally I find someone who adresses this issue. My main concern about this game is exactly that. Me, just like the majority, are casual players, we won't play 8 hours a day nor do we pretend to play competitively. But does that mean we will be excluded from decisions? Because we also have a voice. I realize the importance of e-sports (specially the money it involves), but since this won't be a F2P game, I think Blizzard must respect us casual gamers who will pay to play a couple hours a day just for fun. I'm really concerned about that so thanks for bringing this issue up.

    BTW, what's up with all the dislikes?

  10. the development for esports is what league of legends is doing right now and i know a lot of people leaving the game because of it like the biggest league youtuber video game dunkey who quit the game and the new meta that is in the game is the tank meta that most people in the normal game hate because they like to go mid and play those burst damage champs but all the tanks are so strong that those champs get shoved to the back burner and then those type of players dont really have a good time since they are almost useless against 2 of the 5 champs and one of those tanks can be any where they want its not fun for them and that could really kill the game but csgo on the other hand making it for the competitive seen works since most people who play the game play for the competitive game mode it really depends how the game turns our but this game is more like league where its a easy to pick up and play and hard to master and csgo is more of a hard to learn hard to master hard to do anything really untill you get good at it

  11. If you really think Blizzard would nerf or buff something without large community complaint, you obviously don't know the company.

  12. The biggest reason Overwatch could fail is the incredibly salty community. The Beta is like a very exclusive club, only the people who don't get in contemplate rioting.

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