5 ways Agents Of Mayhem is a Saints Row game, kind of

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  1. Honestly it was kinda of obvious it's a Saints Row Spin-off game. Also I not entirely sure but I believe there is an Agents of Mayhem comic cover in either SR3 or SR4 on a magazine rack along with Saints in Outerspace or Gangsters in Outerspace. (Forgot the name of the other comic. I'd have to check on that but atm too lazy and at work to check.)

  2. It actually is a triple crossover because of ultor and other details. Plus all games were made by volition. THQNordic owns red faction now though.

  3. It's so sad that people only complain that every game that tries to do something new is garbage. Everyone complains that they want remakes of old games, yet when developers start making remasters and such then "Sony/Microsoft or insert developer is ripping us off, milking old franchises, unimaginative." Gamers today are so bitchy it's sad. This is the reason developers rarely want to take risks anymore. Gone are the days that you bought games to have fun and now is the age we are forced to read and listen to every 12-25 year old vomiting their self-entitled demands.

  4. I'm still not convinced that agents of mayhem is a saints row game F agents of mayhem I wants SAINTS ROW FIVE for get agents of mayhem it sucks ass I won't waste my money 💰 on that bull

  5. What we need is a Saints Row all-star Collection with SR1 SR2 SR3 but more gangster and SR4 gangster remake .

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  7. am i the only one who thougt sr3 wasnt bad? sr4 and gat out of hell were terrible but 2 & 1 and 3 were great

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