5 ways to Improve Handcannon Aim

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  1. Love your content Aztec. I tried to view the comments to see if what I say has been said… If you go into your ps4 settings and switch L2 and R2 To bumpers. Then you can simply Swap them in Destiny settings. The buttons don't change. The effect is the same.

  2. internet connection also matter i hade a shitty connection and missed 50% of my shots so i got a better connection and it helped so much

  3. Good shit, subscribed.  Trying to learn to be a handcannon player by practicing in PvE and getting used to the pacing like you talked about.  Just got a Lord High Fixer with Rangefinder, Rifled and Hidden Hand.   Is this as good as a god rolled Luna or Pali?

  4. For those who want more tips:

    – I don't think this was stressed enough: ALWAYS try to crit your FIRST shot, because it is the most accurate and you are not recovering from recoil. Then you can just spam two bodyshots (this is btw the second biggest reason why Titans are OP in high level matches, since they can get +200hp without trade-offs and 1crit+2bodys does not work. The biggest reason is obviously Titan skating, especially with Garrison).

    – Assuming you use rifled barrel + rangefinder Luna or Pali (which you DEFINITELY SHOULD), in the current state of HCs there's a good rule of thumb: for as long as you make max damage (86/57), you can safely spam. There will be no ghost bullets. When damage starts to decrease, you might want to pace your shots a bit more carefully. Naturally you should always adapt to every individual situation, but this rule will help you out a lot!

    – Bonus tip! This isn't really about hitting your shots but rather winning your gun fights in general with a HC: strafe. Always. Also whenever possible move in and out of cover between every single shot, that's what really makes HCs powerful (and ARs suck!). You can achieve the optimal TTK (0.87 seconds I believe?) while being exposed for your enemy to shoot at you only half of that time. With this technique done right you'll win every single gunfight against an enemy without a HC.

  5. "Allowing each stroke to be a good, powerful one will benefit not only you…" Words to fucking live by Aztec.

  6. Wow after hearing all his tips I now realize that I've been doing all these things self consciously. The in an out ads I've been doing since vanilla just always felt more comfortable and I felt like I could kinda reset the recoil as for pacing shots and keeping reticule at head level just seems more instinctual to me I'd learn the door frames and memorize were guys would slide/turn corners getting that first initial shot pretty much guarantees the gunfight in my favor.

    Also for those fellow hunters I highly suggest learning Gunslinger. Incendiary nade is extremely deadly and can take out multiple targets plus learning to double or single tap followed by throwing knife can be quite deadly especially for counter rushing. I haven't used much blade since the nerf but nightstalker also is a solid choice as well. Shadestep with bones is extremely fun, but what i recently found is using Graviton forfeit, triple jump and keen scout. This combo of perks is remarkable. The keen scout perk allows a mini wallhack in some ways as you see a little red x on their middle torso and it makes landing that first precision shot unbeatable. Thanks and happy 'hunting'

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