525,000g in WoW – Gold Cap x 2: How to Make Gold & Get Rich in World of Warcraft!

525,000g in WoW - Gold Cap x 2: How to Make Gold & Get Rich in World of Warcraft!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oP9RVhyUfcw Mining/Herb Gold Making Guide by Tarou http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTiKwWxQ0iw Mining Guide: 1-525 Leveling Fas…
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  1. GoldGuides.in for free goldmaking guides;) read atricles or watch live videoes to learn how to make golds there (You can make about 100k daily).. Thumbs up so everyone can see 🙂

  2. Hey guy’s i know it can be hard to make gold in wow! I made a video on youtube that shows you how it easy it can be to make 200k Gold and will set you on your path to obtaining Expensive items like spectral tigers, x-51 nether rocket’s! All you need to do is SPEND 15-20 MINUTES DAILY! check it out guys! please thumbs up! it’s my first video and its going well 😀

  3. For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Mark 8:36 Repent and put your trust in Jesus Christ! Or suffer in hell for all eternity. Your choice.

  4. The best way to make money for all you noobs out there… Is to find an item of Value and WORK FOR IT! amazing how games are like real life.. Or learn to buy high and sell low just like the stock market, amazing yet again!

  5. I make a lot of gold too, I make like 100k every 2 weeks or so, because I dont have much time. here: bit .ly/YNmJMV the url has a space because youtube disables urls in comments. You might not want to waste money but come one, you pay $15 every month =) do it and enjoy the game even more or just buy gold.

  6. Mining is boring but well… I have been playing this game for like 7 years now and I tried every shit possible to make gold but I got this: bit .ly/YNmJMV I have 103k right now =) in 2 weeks. the url has spaces because youtube diables the thing for not spams =/

  7. hey tarou!!!!lol……..ive been trying to get a hack to get some gold i realy want some gold i aint begging but im on stormscale usa english and i am prob going to be on my monk monkateer so……….how about that gold lol :)????

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