(5E D&D) The Ultimate Guide to the Eldritch Knight – The Best Build

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  1. Great Weapon Formula: Max AC = attack bonus – (damage/2) +16.
    If you have a 4th level Paladin, attack bonus is +6. With a greatsword, the damage is 2d6+4, which is an average damage of 11 (however, if you have the Great Weapon Fighting style, this increases to 12.33). Plugging 6 and 12.33 into the formula, I get you max AC threshold of 15.835. If the target's AC is 15 or less, you should power attack. If a party member, like a Cleric likes to cast Bless, which bumps your attack bonus up to 8.5 (on average) resulting in a max AC threshold of 18.335. If Blessed, you should power attack if the target's AC is 18 or less. Always power attack if you are rolling with advantage.

  2. Why dont any of the builds take Warcaster feat? A Eldritch Knight and a Arcane Trickster require componet pouches and cant cast spells while wielding weapons.(Well spells that require somantics)

  3. I know I am late, but shield is a armor class item unless the DM allows it rules says you can't. Also I feel an eldritch knight would use most spells Defensively, purely based on the fact that you are a 1/3 caster if you consider how few spells you got compared to a wizard. Doing any spells just burns them to fast. Also I feel like an eldritch Knight would have a shield making war caster really good. Since you need a free hand to cast most spells.

  4. I Like the human variant….. as a guy who has always wondered why the patrons of the bar don't freak out when an elf a dragonborn, a goliath, and genasi walk into a bar together in the town of all humans…… That feat increases the odds in my campaign that having a strange being in the party is more rare. IMO

  5. I love your videos, big help as a DM.
    so I would like your opinion, for my 5e version of dragonlance I am building the hero Gilthanas. I am considering what is the best way to build for the "Dragonlance" feel. should I build as an Eldridge Knight or classic fighter/Wizard muliclass or the warlock arch-fey

  6. We've got a great weapon master in our party right now, and he hits a lot, and doesn't even use True Strike.
    I'm not trying to disagree, I just think our dude hits an uncanny amount.

  7. Throw in 2 levels of Lore Master Wizard once you hit level 10 eldritch knight. Heck, switch to Lore Master for levels 11-20 and you have a fantastic character. For feats, I'd take Polearm Mastery and Warcaster… free Aoo when someone enters your 10 ft reach, cast green flame blade (change damage type to whatever you please). Throw in Tunnel Fighter and you can have multiple cantrip based Aoo per turn.

  8. Great Weapon Master is great for a two turn combo. Hit the enemy to give him disadvantage on saving throw. Cast Hold person next turn and then action surge great weapon master for big crits.

  9. You made a statement about getting two attacks with Green Flame Blade, but my understanding is that if you hit with the primary attack then it just does damage to an opponent adjacent to the target. As Cleave did in previous editions. Did you homebrew this or did I misunderstand green flame blade or is there something in the build that gives you 2 attacks with it? -Thanks.

  10. I returned to D&D after a 28 year break. Your Eldritch Knight videos couldn't have come at a better time. Great advice! I decided to go with a High Elf Eldritch Knight just prior to finding your channel. The High Elf starts with the extra cantrip, so that choice of race seemed like an obvious choice. Through three levels the spell casting is not coming in to play too much. I figure it will come around more when the character reaches seventh level. It's not perfect, and hasn't come into play a lot, but decided to go with the Two-Weapon Fighting style, instead of Archery. Although I didn't intend it, he's sort of become the party's tank. He's got the high dexterity, which I'll bump to 20 when he reaches fourth, which should be sometime in the next week. The high dex with Two-Weapon seems like a good fit. As he progresses, any advice as make him a better front line fighter? Thank you!

  11. Honestly, if I "homebrew" Humans, I'll just tell the players that "Variant Human Is Not Allowed". I agree the whole extra feat thing is an early-game changer… I don't really like it. I personally find having a plus one to all your abilities to be great.

  12. Have you played this class in any of the campaigns on the channel? I haven't gotten the chance to watch them all and I'm interested to see this in play.

  13. Hi, I'm a little surprised you don't appear to have included the High Elf Dex-based duellist sword and board approach. That way you can have a good AC using light armour and good initiative, as well as using Booming Blade to make your fighter very sticky. Expeditious Retreat is a solid choice for a 1st level spell, meaning you can lock something down anywhere on the battlefield.

    Booming Blade also remains relevant as your attacks increase through War Caster feat as it can be used as an opportunity attack to hold your opponent in place. The return of the 4th edition fighter mark!

  14. I made an Eldritch Knight in a sort of honor for these videos. His given name is Wonder and he's a Forest Gnome focusing on Archery. The twist is that his Bow isn't his Magically Bonded weapon, but a single arrow that he constantly recalls to him and fires it. Though I'm not sure an infinite source of ammunition would be allowed in most campaigns, but the One Shot Wonder is one of the more interesting characters I've made.

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