6 Keyboard Shortcuts You Can’t Live Without in Premiere Pro

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6 Keyboard Shortcuts You Can’t Live Without in Premiere Prowas extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15714


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  1. What screen resolution is your monitor set to? I really like the sizing ,
    spacing and layout of Premiere Pro in this video and I’m curious if you are
    running at 1920×1080, 1920 x 1200, or 2560×1440.

  2. Yay! Amazing tut, man. I really needed some of that info. Instead of using
    plus and minus, I find it a LOT smoother and faster to use ALT + mouse
    scroll wheel. Thanks for the vid, those transition shortcuts are really
    going to make things easier. The hardest part about getting into editing is
    finding the ways to save yourself time, you never want to edit when you
    dread getting carpal tunnel and wasting 10 hours.

  3. caught red-handed! Actually, this was an exported file i just threw in for
    demo purposes. The original footage was shot and editing in it’s native
    form (from a 5d mark III and a gopro hero black)

  4. Very helpful. there’s essential shortcut keys that I don’t know about until
    I watched this video. Thank you.

  5. Thanks a bunch. Love videos like this. Tons of Premiere videos around, not
    that many actually talking about optimising workflow. Seems like most
    Premiere users think we all know shortcuts from somewhere. Cheers.

  6. that’s a good point on the scroll wheel technique. We edit so much on
    laptops without a mouse these days that I tend to forget that one!

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