6 Tips You May Not Know in Rainbow Six Siege

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  1. They need an operator that has a grappling hook launcher. He can grapple almost everywhere

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  3. if you through a smoke bomb (normal) IQ can see the outlin of the enemy behind or in the smoke

  4. if someone has taken out a hatch in the floor, you can if breakable surface above line up a fuze charge for a unexpected strike from above

  5. who never held the item key?. like seriously it was my instinct to do it and i thought everyone did.

  6. IQ  really good cause some time your team mate never looks and they hit tripwires or get blown up be c4

  7. I really need someone to play this with xD. I play pc if you could comment your uplay username that would be great also Im from Ireland so it would be better for only EU players to comment.

  8. The turret and shield thing I though everybody knew since the beggingin god this game

  9. Hey top tip if your with a friend/friends and your defending one of you be castle then anyone else become a character with a deployable barrier if you place the barrier infront of castles barricade that door is IMPOSSIBLE to break through

  10. Me and some YouTubers are making a r6 team we are high levels be sure to check out our channel

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