7 Essential Tips For Divinity: Original Sin 2

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  1. 1. If one of your party members is a healer(Hydrosophist) I also advise to get them necromancer, it's an effective way to self sustain if your hydro healing spells are on cooldown. Also, necro skills scale with INT but they deal Physical damage, giving mages an extremely effective way to shave off armor on enemies at long range. If your character has both Hydro and Necro, you can get blood rain, which leads me to point 2

    2. If you are playing an undead and since you can only heal yourself with either poison or necro skills, the talent Leech with the aforementioned blood rain is super effective way to heal. Ath the very most you can have 2 story driven undead characters in your team, so it's a good balance since your healer can heal both undead and living party members this way.

    4. Healing spells are SUPER effective against undead, I've had my healer wipe and entire squad of undead enemies with Healing Ritual.

    5 Melee fighters: Executioner talent is your BEST friend, also really effective for Rangers, trust me, that one point in warfare will be worth it.

    6. Make sure one of your party members has high Wits, (Preferably the Ranger, or a Wizard with Savage Sortilege talent benefit the most), for a many helpful and necessary interactables are hidden.

    7. Far out man talent for rangers and mages is a MUST.

    8. Having one character some points invested in aerotheurge is very useful, because in Aero, you get nether swap, teleportation and tornado, 3 skills I find myself using very often to cross dangerous terrain or bring distant squishy enemies to striking range of my melee fighters.

    9. Wizards benefit from Huntsman alot, so items that have +1 Huntsman for wizards is very useful, high ground damage boost is the shit.

  2. Ifan already have pet pal, no need to take it if you taking Ifan. it's a waste of perk to take it on your main character

  3. Save scumming? Never heard of it. So taking advantage of quick save now has a negative label eh? Stay classy internet.

  4. Fane…combine poison barrel and single empty potion bottles to get poison. Carry barrel in backpack for infinite fills. Combine poison potions to get stronger poison. Doesn't work with stacks, which is annoying.

  5. I've only played tactician mode since release, now Im not trying to boast or anything but it is the best way to go, it is incredibly difficult in the first play-through but it makes you far better at the game

  6. The Bedroll is re-usable. There are many on the ship so that each party member can get one in multiplayer.

  7. I'm sure plenty of people have already corrected this, but I feel compelled to do so myself:

    You only need one Bedroll. You don't have to fill your inventory with a lot of them, just grab the one when you're still on the ship and put it onto your hotbar. Every time you're out of combat, smash that button. Instant party heals. The Bedrolls are unlimited use.

  8. If you want to get away with stealing something, pick it up, wait till somebody notices that something is missing, place it on the ground right next to you, allow them to search you, pick it back up again, always works especially when stealing from high class people

  9. One more recommendation: make sure the person who has Pet Pal also has at least 2 points in Persuasion. This will help as this way, that person can deal with all conversations without worrying about messing up a speech check.

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