7 Kinds of Cheaters You’ll Probably See in Dark Souls 3

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  1. The cheaters in DS3 are absolute asses. They can alter their weapon so it has the "HumanityStolen" or "+Souls" effect. The former resets you to level one, and the latter increases your souls by a lot and gets you a softban.

  2. Hello! I recently just tried to summon somebody, it was successful yet the person instantly returned to their world. For what seems they left behind a "souls retrieved" bloodstain. (To acquire souls from where you last died). I don't know whether this is an actual hacker or just MY souls. Although, I don't remember dying around the bonfire of Highwall of Lothric. I could see tonnes of summons but now I can't see any. Is it just bad timing or should I be worried? In general I have problems with summons, etc. But I'm not sure about this one. help.

  3. The so called "Bonfire Hackers" who are sitting invincible on their bonfires are not everytime hacking. It happened to me, I guess its a glitch, i got invaded whilst sitting on a bonfire attuning my spells. And yep i kept sitting somehow and couldnt do anything against it. So i think it was rather a glitch than hacking ;)

  4. I love how some of the hackers with unlimited health try to fight still. Like they block and dodge even when they know it has no effect on them. I don't understand hackers man.

  5. To be fair regarding "infinite stamina," once you max out your endurance in Dark Souls 2 you have enough stamina to basically never run out- It generally regens much faster than you can expend it unless you actually try, and even actually trying you can roll like twenty times without stopping, cast fifteen spells, sprint for an extended duration, or so on before running out. I'm not saying there aren't people that hack infinite stamina, just that you shouldn't assume someone doing that kind of thing is cheating and doesn't just have kind of a crutch-y (since you don't NEED that much stamina even in pvp, it just makes the game more comfortable) build.

  6. poor PC gamer in DS3 always face hacker , the good thing that I play DS3 on PS4 LOL xD
    and btw your footage from DS2!!

  7. I had some spastic invade me in DKS1 with a modded Avelyn. He shot me with it and it reset my stats but not my soul level meaning I had SL1 stats but needed thousands of souls to level up at a time. When I messaged him of course his response was "Just mod it back to what it was". Hackers are really shitty people…

  8. I'll admit I hacked in DS2 after like my 6th run through, but it looks like I'm the 8th kind of hacker. The one who turns on superspeed then just runs around jumping all over the place making it a minigame to try and kill me and if it runs on too long I just jump off a ledge or something.

  9. im not sure if it is possible, but once my complete equipment was broken by an npc invader just after i invaded a hacker. could something like that be possible or was it just that that phantom could rarely do so?

  10. To add on to the Stamina hack guy, you could also tell he was hacking because of the infinite Lacerating Arrows. When you can only find a certain number of them in each game.

  11. There's also the friendly hacker, I messed up on my havels ring in dark souls three, summoned a hacker by random chance. Messaged them saying i want to beat the boss without hacks and he said sure thing, anything I can get you? I explained what happened with havels ring and he gave me a new one

  12. What I have encountered of hackers so far in Dark Souls 3:

    Infinite health: Not really suprising to see this, but still annoying. Player in question was horrible at the game, but no bottomless pits in the area in question so ended up just leaving his world.

    Infinite Stamina: Invaded me, found me wailed on my +5 Black Iron Greatshield until I ran out of stamina, then wailed me to death without ever stopping.

    Instant Bleed: This one was extremely annoying, yet only lasted a few moments. Sellsword dual wield build which somehow inflicted instant full bleed up on every hit. Hit me once, BLEEDOUT, went into combo and I was just dead instantly.

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