7 Tips to Improve Faster in Rocket League

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A lot of the time people talk about how much you need to play the game, and it’s true, putting in the hours is a very important part of the process, but many people forget about how they should practice, well I’ve got you covered my friend.

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Camera Settings: FOV: 103, Distance: 280, Height: 110, Angle: -4.00, Stiffness: 0.45, Swivel Speed: 10, Transition Speed: 1.00
Controller Settings: Default except
Air Roll = L1
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Read above.

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PC, with a PS4 controller.

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  1. At life, the growth that most satisfies you is beyond your wall. Beyond that wall is your uncomfortable zone – where you are in an uncomfortable situation. That is where you consistently want to be – because if otherwise, what you can achieve in 6 months by doing so, may take you 5 years.

  2. If you're looking for actual tips for rocket league (avoiding common mistakes, how to position yourself, strategies for offense vs defense, ect.) This guide won't help. Sorry man, but most players are gonna want 5:45 of their lives back…😅😅😅 thumbs down 👎

  3. I first played the game about 2 years ago and I've always only played here and there – maybe a month of playing then not returning until about half a year later for a couple of games, so I'm basically new to the game. The abuse I get in the chat is so bad though, I know I'm not good at the moment but that stuff doesn't help!

  4. I just download the game last night. And oh boy, I’ve never had such fun in a while. To be honest I didn’t know about ranking until i noticed in big displayed, you rank moved up to lvl 9. I couldn’t care less, and couldn’t wait to move on passed that to keep on playing with amazing plays and blocks. Good game. Can’t believe I just heard of it.

  5. Great vid dude, I've decided to get back into it after a over a year probably and I've just been using training sessions and relaxed games to get into the swing of things

  6. Im not dividing my game time up in 4 one hour chunks homie, I got a full time job and kids. I just want to know how to be less shitty.

  7. I play doubles regularly for an hour every day with my best friend. I was progressing and this reflected in my statistics. However, I’ve come through a very negative and bad patch which has really effected my confidence in the game. I’m not making accurate shots, my power and speed is all over the place. I think this video really cleared my mind and I look forward to using your tips.

  8. I havent played rocket league in for about 5 months, and now my confidence is low so now I'm watching this lol.

  9. I have a BIG problem with my timing with ball contact. Aerial shots or ground shots. I found my self timing to be off. Too much boost or just overreacting with adrenaline, makes me miss the ball 60% of the time. No videos explaining timing with you and and ball. Yes I did tutorials and adjust my map settings which help. On the field too many unpredictable ball hits.

    I'm playing on xbox console. So any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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