8 Best Free Steam Games – 2018 Edition

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Can’t be dealing with multiple clients and launchers, or spending money in general for that matter? Here are 8 free Steam games that you should download immediately.

Warframe – 00:30
Paladins – 00:59
Path of Exile – 01:30
Dota 2 – 01:58
Brawlhalla – 02:30
The Elder Scrolls: Legends – 03:05
H1Z1 – 03:36
The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit – 04:03

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  1. sees number 1 on this list
    pulls out sniper rifel
    shoots game

    me: bloody hell your awful,sorry mate but tf2 is the best

    guys in my replys DONT FIGHT ME JUST AGREE

  2. that dota 2 game you featured seems interesting, I wonder if that has been featured to every single game list already

  3. Warframe was the only remotely decent game I've seen in this list and honestly its been talked to death. Yes, its a good game. That is why its headlining the video. the rest is pure unadulterated gym socks to the mouth.

  4. Dude. I support small channels but c'mon, this is just a ridiculous copy paste video. Every knows these games and anyone watching this was looking for something that is new free to play. You literally just posted the most famous free games that have been out for a long time. Do more research and find something people want to hear about.

  5. Warframe is the best and one of the most non commercialistic game I have ever seen.The developers deleted some in game purchasable contents after a player misused it.This means they dont like a pay to play model.Definitely deserves to be supported.

  6. Warframe is the best on here hands down
    Edit: In clouding Brawlhalla, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, all of these games look amazing

  7. No Planetside 2? H1z1 is a total cluster****. Also, Audio sounds like people marketing stuff they have little or no interest in and are reading a script, bored off their heads.

  8. How about a major spoiler warning before showing the twist at the end of the last cinematic quest in Warframe in the first 5 sec of the video??

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