808#26 1080p Key Ring Spy Cam Review

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Rating: 4

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  1. This looks like it might actually be a pretty decent cam for my purposes.
    Also, I might be able to use it in a number of applications that I didn’t
    originally foresee. The night footage is surprisingly-sharp and crisp and
    with the available tripod mounting cradle, I could possibly use it as an
    action cam.

    Manchester looks like a really neat place! I love the historic
    architecture! I’ve always wanted to live in a Medieval city. That modern
    architecture has to go. That crap is almost all we have here in ‘Murica
    and it is hard to look at all day, every day. We have some beautiful
    historic neighbourhoods and Gothic churches, but evil developers tear them
    down to build car parks and ugly, square shopping centres. I hate this
    place. OK. Enough ranting.

    The 808 #26 looks like a pretty useful camera. That’s all I was trying to

  2. How come I don’t see much 808#26 1080p Key Ring Spy Cam for sale??? not
    many sellers sells them as Mobius or other cams

  3. It’s as if they listened to everything you had to say and then created the
    Mobius… Actually, that’s exactly what they did, isn’t it? 🙂 Thank you
    for all your videos! You explain everything very well, and because of your
    Mobius video I now have a great Dash Cam in the Mobius. Best wishes from
    New England. 

  4. Question – can I get ones with motion sensors to set inside my car to help
    protect it when I’m street parked? & what advice for siting them most
    effectively? Thank you. I find it really useful. 

  5. what camera do you recommend for night and dark conditions? do you think
    this would be a good one? may be using some editing software?

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