A Closer Look At “The Harvester” in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

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  1. i dunno, i was kinda annoyed by it. i took it as" im not a fucking cop anymore, this isnt my problem, i have weapons too sell get outta my way".

  2. Thank you for this bit of analysis. My interest in this newest Deus Ex is primarily in seeing how they handle the philosophical issues (which will probably become practical issues faster than anyone expects). I am a bit disappointed that apparently they do not delve into it terribly much. I am fine with them not taking a particular position, a game is a really good venue for showing multiple viewpoints. But it sounds like they probably concluded (and very well might be correct) that most gamers engage in very little thought beyond "I wanna shoot stuff" and that a game which offers in-depth explanations of different viewpoints would be a waste of time as very few players would ever explore those options (I could see more being put off by there being a large quantity of dialog or other content available because this would "prevent" them from 'completing' the game without having to be exposed to the various arguments.).

    I wouldn't write off the killers reasoning as 'superstitious', it is actually very realistic and, if history is any teacher, will probably be the majority reaction of society to augmentation (if such a thing is ever permitted to even get started, which I highly doubt. We already have legal structures in place that actively prevent any medical technology which improves healthy people – in the US, the FDA exclusively reviews substances and devices which are intended to "treat, cure, or prevent any disease". Outside of that, say something which does not treat muscular wasting but makes healthy people stronger, such a thing would be de-facto illegal.). I think the folk tale of John Henry is instructive. When faced with a machine which could work harder and faster than humans, and at this time such a thing did not exist and ability to work, build, and create was seen as one of, if not the primary, things which gave human beings their identity separate from animals, John Henry was willing to die to outperform it. Humans do NOT take their identity as a unique entity lightly. They have, and will, kill and die over this issue.

  3. great view, but I think when I was looking for a walkthough to a mission and your name is number one. But it's not a walkthrough. Great vid though but it was not what I was looking for. I understand what your saying, I wish they had more investigative mission or detail. Simply its just not that type of game, games like these they just want to give you a little bit of taste it was not meant to be a hardcore detective game. They just try to target what is fun to play and what works from previous game that was successful. Putting to much detective in this game may cause of problem most didnt come to play a detective game, deus ex is a bad ass aug mentality. My biggest problem I'm shocked no one mentioned is how they limit you of praxis and are force to buy (real cash) them just to get a certain skill in the game if you made a mistake that can make or break your walkthrough or you would have to redo the game. That to me is a major kill joy and one flaw I saw isnt much diversity when it comes to that.

  4. Thank you Heather, this game's socio political topics really makes you think about the/our future

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