A Mathematical Proof of Intelligent Design: DNA

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  1. Amazing to think that it was scratchings in beach sand that did in all of
    science, although it would have been more profound if it had been “Joseph
    poked Mary and out popped Jesus.”

  2. “There is zero “objective and obvious” evidence to show any evolution.” You
    already demonstrated that you have no idea what evolution is and how it
    works. So whatever else you spew is totally irrelevant and unsubstantiated.

  3. Um the word neither refers to 2 subjects in a sentence as in “neither a nor
    b”. When using more than two subjects, in this case 4, you need to use the
    word “none”. And you wouldn’t believe a biologist, physicist,
    anthropologist or molecular biologist if they hit you with the facts over
    your head I think.

  4. Here is how I know Jesus is Lord. The universe can’t create itself from
    nothing. There is intelligent design wherever I look. Therefore I know God
    exists and made the universe. At this point I know I better be watching for
    who He is. Clearly this God is Yahweh, and He sent His Son Jesus Christ to
    die for our sins. How do I know? Jesus was raised from the dead, He did
    miracles, and there are all the witnesses who saw the risen Lord, who were
    Martyred for their eye witness testimony.

  5. Let me point out something else. You go up against what you call
    “theoretical science” and in the very next moment you give examples of
    “established science”. You seem to pick out what you like, and litter what
    you don’t. That’s common in pseudoscience (e.g. ID).

  6. The universe just is, isn’t it? Or do you have evidence otherwise?
    Space-time IS. It can’t “come” from anything, since any event is, by
    definition, contained in it.

  7. “I have no peers and I only approach this from objective reason and logic.”
    Aka your “research” is bullshit. If you haven’t done any real research and
    haven’t written any peer reviewed papers, you are full of shit. “I don’t
    know why you are so stupid, but that is your problem not mine.” sad pot to
    the kettle “I can’t imagine anyone taking this crap an making a profession
    out of it. ” Modern medicine will disagree with you. But then again, as if
    you’d know anything about modern medicine.

  8. The facts are irrefutable. The same kind of irrefutability you’d expect
    from gravitation theory. If you don’t like it, it’s your problem. If you
    just wanna shut your ears and sing when evidence is presented, it’s OK for
    me, but don’t expect to be taken seriously by the rest of the civilized and
    sensible people.

  9. And what bacteria and any microorganism or any other creature for that
    matter does has no equality to any other creature. If a fly craps on my
    newspaper, does not prove that humans crap on the morning newspaper. The
    logic of evodelusionism is just like that. What bacteria does has no
    relation to any other creature.

  10. lol, so because you can’t answer it just yet, it “just is”. Nice. There are
    plenty of theories from the same scientists that you knob that it always
    wasnt “just is”.

  11. Stop pretending that you are intelligent. I learned the nonsense you are
    repeating ages ago. You think it explains things. Do you have issues with
    your critical thinking skills?

  12. You do not understand the theory of evolution. How bacteria responds and
    adapts is not evolution. Bacteria has never changed species. By definition
    evolution requires that a species change into some other creature. Bacteria
    adapts becuse without it all life on earth would perish. We cannot live
    without it so it is programmed to survive so we can live and all other
    creatures can live. Virus never changes either into a new creature and is
    always a virus. You don’t know much about your religion.

  13. No, but you offer nothing to your very broad blanket statements that are
    contradictory and incorrect. Starting with the “scientific community
    mocking ID, when some of the people in this video are of the scientific
    community. Also please tell me something that we know of that doesnt come
    from something else and is “just being”. You post a lot but dont say
    anything is what I’m getting at.

  14. I don’t have any peers, so I am totally independent of any club of lower IQ
    people. I do not want to contribute like others have to the science only to
    find some new weapon was created from my research. I only am concerend
    about extracting people, helping them to back off from delusions; all
    delusions. I am not prejudice. I know that all delusions are bad for
    individual people. Beliefs create war, hate, and stupid rude arrogant
    evodelusionists that have no manners.

  15. “You need a thosand fossils as a bare minimum that shows an obvious trail
    of human evolution. The have none of that” Are there any peer reviewed
    published paper with your name on it? No? Than your ignorance is irrelevant
    to science. “If you look at the totality of all the fossils all you have
    are creatures that remained the same all the time, until going extinct.” Do
    you suggest that a fossil of one creature will be equivalent to 2 creature?
    I think you’re confused.

  16. Wow! A self-proclaimed IQ of “more than like 99% of teh ppl on dis earht,
    d00d”, but no wisdom to match, and, to boot, such hatred. So, you don’t
    believe this stuff. You’ve made that abundantly clear. Do you go to malls
    at Christmas time and and tell the children that the Santa they’re talking
    to is a fraud and that they’re stupid and ignorant for believing it, and
    hound the parents for their “brainwashing”? If not, why are you so
    threatened by one and not the other? Do either affect you at all?

  17. Nol IDiot scientist (less than 1%, polls say) is a widely recognised expert
    in his field. None of them have ever published any paper of value (use
    citeseer to see how many citations they have), much less are award winners.
    Furthermore, almost all of them are Americans, where religion plays a far
    more important role in education and politics than in any other western
    country, and none of them are actual biologists. It’s like if I denied the
    standard model, being myself a geologist.

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