A Plea to 2K: Help us Stop Hackers in Evolve Stage 2

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  1. It's embarrassing that TRS never implemented an anti-cheat system when the game first launched over a year ago. It was just as much of a problem then, and reporting was every bit as cumbersome and useless.

  2. I had the same thing with Parnell and even fucking Torvald which imho is the weakest assault at this point was shaving even bigger chunks of my armor and hp with his shotgun. And boy, when he got a hit on me of 2 or 3 mortar shells he would like down my entire armour, then one clip from a shotgun and I went from full armor full health to 2-3 bars of hp left only, and all this happened in about 3 to 5 seconds which was insane.
    Then I had this markov hacker but he failed hacking xD Basically I was wraith and the guy was teleporting at the line of sight I think.He was always after me, it was impossible to lose him, while the rest of the team was nowhere to be seen.
    The guy would dissapear just before my warp blast was about to explode or he would just teleport randomly in and out of the dome too.
    Luckily he was the biggest noob I ever seen and had no hacks to counter my sneak pounce so when this fucker would chase me alone all it took is sneak pounce and he was done, could not teleport out of that xD I won this round ofcourse.
    Evolve got good but now its dying again because of that shit. I do hope this is going to get dealt with pretty soon because if not this game will die again and die fast.

  3. ive had 3 times someone who killd me as Monster in the first 2 seconds at the animaition. it is just redicules.

  4. @Meow: I feel with you… i stoped playing a minute ago, cause i got lucky to have a hacker in the opposing team… And now i'm here kinda searching for any vids post or something hopeing this mess gets adressed very soon…. The best is it wasn't even ranked….

    I not even know who was the hacker in this team… because sometimes you can't really tell in the middle of an fight. I got domed early at stage 1, but thats not entirely bad though… you can still get some strikes on early, so did i. Thats why i don't thought of all the crazy dmg first. I just thought it was a OK dome… lost quite a bit of life (~50%), but every Hunter has at least 1 strike on… lets evolve now…

    But after i evolved i could tell…. because i played a little less aggresiv, trying to seperate one and get some quick kills…. so i got shoot from i dunno 300meters or so from the assult and the medic… and i lost 2 bars of my health with one shot… cant tell wich one it was because there were both far away… but one of them have to be… i personaly think it was the medic… so yeah… nice match i guess.

  5. that's what you get for being a fucking asshole at the selection screen and taunting with your pussy voice "you gonna leave if you don't get monster, huh (name)?" and then leaving yourself if you're the one who's not getting it

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