A Word of Warning Regarding Fire Emblem Heroes

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  1. ……this is serious? You are a moron. ToS clearly states this is something they might do if you break the rules. Does not affect me since I play on an S8. I hope you get banned.

  2. People wouldn't be doing this is the IOS version of the game wasn't so FUCKING BROKEN

  3. Did they reduce the 5 star rates? I haven't played this game in months but I remember getting 4-5 5 stars back in the day….

  4. wow, every single mobage game ever bans/blocks access from rooted phones and emulators but when Nintendo does it it's suddenly a problem?

  5. can someone tell me how can anyone cheat in this game if all the transactions are verified with the server?

  6. Well that sucks. Especially for people who've dropped money into this.

    I have one account that I play on my tablet that I used Nox to log into ONCE, so I hope that didn't flag it, but the rest of them I play on Nox.

    Only reason I even bother with that is because if you have more than one account, it's the biggest pain in the ass to have to re-download the entire game every time you want to switch accounts. Otherwise I wouldn't be using a rooted emulator at all. And I'm probably not the only one who's literally only using an emulator/rooted device because they made it so you can't change accounts without wasting… what is it now, half a fucking gig of data? Piss off Nintendo.

  7. So you use an emulator to get a game that isn't available for your device,. (which is illegal) and you get banned. Then you start complaining like you don't deserve it. Lol.

  8. Nintendo being fucking retarded and hurting their free advertisement players, and fans overall???? woaaaaaah go figure

  9. It seems likely to be a hoax have you take a look at the recent thread in reddit, Sage?

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