Activate Microsoft Office 2013 – All in One Activator | Works on Windows 8.1 | 100% Working


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  1. tnx man,, good job… 😀 btw, just for future reference, what do you do
    once it expires? do i do the same procedure or what? much appreciated..

  2. Does it really activate it permanently? I have tried countless other
    activators but they only last for 45 or 60 days.
    Btw i got original Windows 8.1 (Single Language)

  3. will is still work if im trying this after the 30 days of trial? ive tried
    it many times different activators and it doesnt work. help, anyone?

  4. How come it says
    Supported: No
    Architecture: N/A
    Product: N/A
    Number: N/A
    it shows me this and says uninstall office on the bottom. I have the trial
    version till February 6 which is a 30 day trial. IDKY its not working.

  5. So yeah i under the trial if i uninstall it and install 1 one from the
    torrent that you post in most comment so is it the same original
    microsoft?? will it auto update? is it safe to use and compatible with

  6. I followed all your steps and after selecting E-Z activate i got this error
    “Cannot Activate because this product is incapable of KMS Activation”
    please help me:(

  7. i just activated my windows 8.1 Pro but i can’t update my windows it just
    keep downloading and sometimes it tells installation failed is this the
    drawback of a kms activator? thanks 

  8. Hey. I’m unable to install AutoKMS. When i select AutoKMS from the
    drop-down, the install button gets deactivated. What could be the problem?

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