Adjusting to Destiny 2 PVP and Team Shooting


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  1. How is it fair if youre on your own against a fireteam? It isnt and its complete bullshit and unfair. And pretty much all youre saying is to win YOU NEED A FIRE TEAM

  2. Do you forget bungie made halo where it was encouraged to play as team work with slower gameplay Halo superior game .

  3. I have enjoyed your videos but this one does not sit right with me at all. You are towing the company line, pretty obvious. You are telling us that we are the problem why we don't enjoy the game. Really! You assume we are not giving it a chance. We are and its boring and idiotic really. The entire match is now full of sweats because they do not play competive because its awful and provides no incentive. We have tried and simply hate it. The ttk is so bad, while you are shooting a player, your brother could go to MacDonalds drive thru, order the combo and then come home and your still shooting the guy. Its a boring mechanic which will slowly cause the numbers playing continue to drop. Sorry, but did not like this specific video.

  4. Who that fuck ask 4v4?
    I want to have fun but I can’t most of the time! Because this changes to transform D2 in a competitive place. Not even quickplay u can play relax you always find yourself fighting against teams. Yeah u have to adapt u said but remember we came from D1 now see this it’s very disappointment. I’m not competitive player I’m casual who want to enjoy the game when got time

  5. teamshooting is a garbage tactic ! nothing ruins pvp like 4 scrubs that always end up shooting at you,

  6. THATS what so many people are griping about!? I see this gripe so often on the forum, had to look it up. The whole point of this game is teamwork. You hold b, lock down the lanes, keep everyone close enough to cover lanes but not so close you all die to the same grenade, you win. Every time. One guy wants b, nope. 2 want to flank, nope. All 4 go for flank and get rekt. 4 in one lane, please feed us. 3 and 1, better hope you get here just in time, or its clean up on aisle 1, restock aisle 2 pls. I really like this meta, except against stacks. I'm of the opinion that team chat should be cut out. I can read my team pretty well, and communication through emote is hilarious fun. "No, I wanna eat my ramen over at b….now you're dancing…is that confirmation, or…are you just screwing with me…? Shit! Shoot that guy!" That is totally gone when you've got a stack. Though, it does feel good when 4 randoms wreck a 4 stack. It's feels really shitty when a 4 stack wrecks 4 randoms. Last night, solo quick play, went up on a 4 stack. They finished with a (high note) 9.0 and a low 2.5. none of us even scored positive…it was almost as bad as 3 people bailing, leaving it 1v4.

  7. my favorite part about D2 pvp is when the enemy gets a free kill on me because i respawn in their sightlines, I love it. so. much.

  8. Everyone saying Destiny 2 takes more skill. Really? Are we all playing the same game? Oh and just like someone else said on here explain how team shooting repeatedly takes skill. There is a real lack of 1on1 engagements and even then you have to be careful because your opponent can easily retreat round the corner only to re-emerge with the entire team and kill you quicker than your brain can process. i remember when supers were intimidating, now nobody cares if you blaze in with a super, they just team shoot you to death. Flanking has also become more redundant as if you flank the team it only takes for one person to turn around or hear the gunfire then the entire team just turns around and teamshoots the shit out of you. It doesnt matter whether your skilled at the game or not you will get teamshot 95% of the time, which in turn influences this mentality across the board. This is Destiny 2, bungie should have just improved on the foundation they already established with D1. Destiny 2 shouldnt force players to move with the team. Sure the gun balance in D2 is way better but teamshooting is a valid point and a genuine issue. I now feel like a lot of destiny players cannot hold their own these days and have to rely on teamshooting to achieve victory, which I'm sorry but that does not equate to skill.

  9. Yesterday when d2 servers were down for maintenance I had this idea hey I wonder how d1 is playing. I solo queue to a match in clash where six Titans on a team with wol bubbles and icebreaker. I felt helpless as I waited for my smash. We got pub stomped ..I have not once felt helpless on D2 not once. I love primary tactical shooter's. Thank you Bungie

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