admincheat infinitestats – Admin Console Command – Ark – Xbox One


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admincheat infinitestats – Admin Console Command – Ark – Xbox Onewas extracted from

Ark: Survival Evolved

Time for a quick tutorial about infinite stats. This admin cheat can be very useful in a sticky situation. It still falls short of god mode with regards to protecting health, but it can make it a lot easier to run around the island collecting resources and fighting lower level beasts

admincheat infinitestats


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  1. Type GCM for tp shptgun stat shotgun and insta kill shotgun u press lt for stat and press lt again for insta kil and u get to fly and also u get inf. weight

  2. If any of you want to have "infinite carry weight" then all you need to do is enter the command "godmode" or "god"
    (You do not need any capitalized letters)

    I hope I helped.

  3. To save you all the time, you don't need to put "admincheat" , or "cheat" , before the command. (That is why it is not working for you)
    Just put "infinitestats" (without anything before it), also you do not need to have any letters capitalized for this to work.

    This applies to all admin commands on Xbox and PS. (Xbox/PS4)

    I hope I helped, I'm sorry if I didn't. Let me know if I doesn't work. Thanks, bye. (='^w^'=)~

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