Age of Mythology 12 Chthonian vs 100 Son of Osiris


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Age of Mythology 12 Chthonian vs 100 Son of Osiriswas extracted from

Age of Mythology Extended Edition, 12 Chthonian vs 100 Son of Osiris. Who wins? Bet now! Comment before seeing the fight with your choice!

I find it really interesting pitting various AI controlled units against eachother and see what the outcome is. It works out different everytime, even if you run the same scenerio with the same amount of units. I like running these experiments and hope you enjoy watching too!

Feel free to suggest who you want to see fight eachother in another video!

The screen shakes when Titans fight, I can’t do anything about that, sorry! ^_^

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  1. This was brilliant!!! I'm a big fan of the game and I bet on the Sons of Osiris to win, still a close match though. Do 40 Antlantean Titans vs Kronos next.

  2. Normally Mass Range units with group attack will always dominate, better if they're spread out but this was obviously as close at it gets and was made sure to be that way haha

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