Age of Wushu Hacked

Age of Wushu Hacked

A video about AOW Being hacked this past weekend and the stance Snail US is taking on the matter.
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  1. Its insane, i understand gold spammers is an issue in the game. However the company should investigate there bans, they shouldnt just ban all players who buy something that alot of liang, since snail sell gold that you can turn into liang themselves. no one knows the amount either, appears to be around 1 ding. But yea anyone who buys or sells anything in that price range is auto banned and has to submit a ticket, to get investigated for gold buying from third party. Snail is insane.

  2. You only realized that mistake they have been making. Read the account frozen thread. Snail banned all players that made sales or mailed liang to alts or friends of a certain limit. All the frozen accounts that are innocent have to submit a ticket so snail can investigate if they are innocent. Which should have been done before the freezes. The line for your ticket is over 6 days long. And alot of the player base that have submitted tickets have been found innocent, read that thread lol

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