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Agents of Mayhem (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is a Saints Row spinoff game from Volition. What’s the deal? Is it worth the hype? Let’s talk.
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  1. There will never be a sr1 sr2 or sr3 remake cause THQ made them after sr3 they went bankrupt and deep silver got sr but for a game to be remade the ORIGINAL company has to approve but it can't be approved cause THQ is dead

  2. This remind me about that Xbox only zombie game where i don't remind the name of…. (The one with the energydrinks and shit)

  3. I pre-ordered this game, played it for 20 minutes and got bored. Installed Saints Row IV again and had way more fun.

  4. I love AOM. I love the crazy characters in there. I roll with Rama, Sheherezade and Joule/Daisy/Oni as 3rd option.

    Rama is OP and best early character they give you. Joule with her auto turret is fun to lay waste, Daisy is just a pure tank with minigun and Oni…. Well how can you now like ex-Yakuza?!

    I miss multiplayer in this game, especially co-op campaign. And yes, optimization is an issue even on consoles. The frames are just not stable and I had a glitch which didn't allow me to finish one quest so had to restart :(.

  5. Haven't played yet but reading reviews and comments it isn't so good. Don't understand when they make a very good game. why doesn't the developers make the sequels as good as the first? They allways try to change them to much.
    If i where a developer and made a hit game, i would make the sequel not too much different as the first one.

  6. i feel like the developers are doing everything but, giving us the saints row game we actually want

  7. Wait are you kidding me? Johnny Gat is a pre order bonus? This game is really shaping up to be a mediocre piece of trash. I'd say just play the original trilogy and maybe 4. SR2 was the highlight of the series

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