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Agents of Mayhem Cheats Codes Tips Tricks Glitches Secrets Help Wanted (Xbox One)

CHEATS AND TIPS WANTED! Please post any Agents of Mayhem cheats, tips, codes, tricks, secrets, hints, unlockables, glitches, or any kind of help you have for this game in the comments section.

We’re steadily building a community of gamers who may be able to help you with this game. So, if you’re stuck and need help, post a question in the comments section and see what happens…

Agents of Mayhem Achievements List for Xbox One. Complete the tasks below and you’ll unlock the achievement specified.

All the Bells and Whistles 30
Fully upgrade all areas of the ARK.
Hello, Ladies 30
Collect all agent vehicles.
Hardcore Gamer 30
Complete all Operations on Difficulty Level 7+.
Globally Offensive 90
Complete the Moscow Global Offensive.
Super Agent 90
Reach level 40 on any agent.
Get Personal 90
Complete all agent personal missions and get all agents to level 20.
Warp Points Acquired 15
Unlock 5 warp points via open world gameplay.
Fire Up the Wayback Machine 15
Use mission replay to replay and complete 3 missions.
Contested Location 20
Take over each type of Emplacement Location.
Alert Level Wipe 15
Complete LEGION Alert Level by defeating the LEGION captain.
Stop the Drop 15
Destroy a Drop Pod Launcher Emplacement.
Hate this Thing 15
Destroy a hate machine emplacement.
Chill Out 15
Destroy an Ice Barrage Emplacement.
Dominator Dominated 15
Destroy a Gravity Dominator.
Not this Fracking Thing 15
Destroy a Dark Matter Fracking Station.
Not Technically a Golem… 15
Destroy a golem in the open world.
What’s the Password? 15
Enter a secret room inside a LEGION lair.
Three’s Company 15
Fully deck out Carnage a Trois in their signature outfits.
Next Up: Action Figures! 15
Fully deck out Franchise Force in their signature outfits.
Bombshells 15
Fully deck out the Bombshells in their signature outfit.
#SquadGoals 15
Fully deck out Firing Squad in their signature outfits.

and more in the video…

Unlockables: Secret Achievements List
Complete the tasks below and you’ll unlock the secret / hidden achievement specified.

Fall of Babylon 10
Complete “Operation: Damocles”.
District Control 15
Take over an Outpost from LEGION.
Secrets Within Secrets 15
Enter a secret room, inside a secret room, inside a LEGION lair.
Status #1337 15
Get 15 all perfect Hacks.
Smells Like Home 10
Warp into the ARK for the first time.
That Went Poorly 10
Complete “Operation: Spin-off”.
Space Laser: OFFLINE 10
Complete “Operation: Heaven Sent”.
You Got Gaunt! 10
Complete “Operation: Star Power”.
Wedding Crasher 10
Complete “Operation: Machine Man”.
Broken Hearts Club 10
Complete “Operation: Red Queen”.
Through the Looking Glass 10
Complete “Operation: Madhouse”.

Sadly, it’s a rarity nowadays to find cheat codes included in games. In the golden age of gaming (Xbox, PS1, PS2, N64, etc.) before games became monetized with DLC, microtransactions and time savers, cheat codes were included in about 95% of video games. Some cheat codes were in the form of unlockables but most were simply easter eggs, included in the game’s code, that you either had to find by chance, with endless button combinations, buy a cheat codes magazine or search them out on the internet, print them out or write them on a scrap piece of paper (memories). Cheat codes are now looked down upon and mocked by ‘true gamers’ but in my opinion, I believe they enhanced games, made them more fun to play and increased their replay value. If this game does have cheat codes they’ll be posted in the comments section as soon as they come to light but, chances are, there’ll be none.

Game Developers, please, bring back real cheat codes, they’re awesome!!! Agree? Disagree? Please, comment.


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