AGENTS OF MAYHEM Gameplay Demo And Trailers 2017 (New Open World Game)


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  1. technically they chose the most common ending people chose on Gat out of Hell and used it to continue the story. which was to recreate the earth. which is this, so it is set in the Saints Row Universe.

  2. I don't think this game is worth full price I enjoyed saints row but this looks abit boring and basic it the shooting ain't my style and it looks really repetitive but maybe that's just me

  3. This looks like one of the options at the end of Gat out of hell. And it's a spinoff so maybe we may get the other options as spinoffs as well….hopefully. I just want an SR5 with Gat involved.

  4. yeah I thought I wanted this game but second thought they are doing way too much for me,just seems a bit all over the place

  5. As a fan of the franchise since SR2, I can definitely say I'm looking forward to this. I didn't realise so many fans wanted to see the old story continued when that would've been writing hell. What would they do? New universe? Andromeda any one?
    I'm so happy to see the series revitalized in a new way. And seems to me that this game might have more in common with the older generations then it initially shows, aside from the great bombastic humour iconic to the franchise. Can't wait!

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