Agents Of Mayhem Is The Saints Row Sequel Nobody Asked For


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Scott’s been very busy this week, as he’s ALSO played Agents Of Mayhem. Can Volition recapture the magic of the Saints Row Franchise?

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  1. I never played saints row games so im spared from the compulsion of comparison. Having said that, ive skipped most arcade open world action games like this, as they never appealed to me visually. Whereas here I get the full impact of all these pre established mechanics and design elements, ehilst being somewhat derivative, do manage to form a consistent and FUN experience for me personally. But if youve been exposed to many of the conventions being put on display here I can get why it may seem kinda blah.
    One thing I will say is that ive seen zero BASE PS4 footage on youtube, and its interesting to me why no one is discussing how it runs like hot garbage on that machine. I mean its been weirdly improving over the passing days (seemingly without any updates how that works idk) but it still SCREAMS the need for post launch optimization. Scrreeeeeeaaaamss for it. It manages 60fps now and then, but thats what makes the stuttering below 30 all the more painful.

  2. Nit pick but I don't care for the criticism tag line "Nobody asked for this" due to all the amazing things we've gotten that have also not been asked for. I think it fits with sequels but not different IP's.

  3. Saints Row The Third is the absolute best in my opinion. IV was fun but got super easy and boring after a while (same for Gat Outta Hell). AoM is similar but with improved graphics and different art style. It's like SR3 halfway to SR4… If you know what I'm saying. And it sucks that there isn't any co-op, which I didn't find out until watching this video.

  4. 1 was good, 2 was even better, 3 was amazing, 4 was ok, gat out of hell was ok, mayhem is appointing

  5. This is volition's fault. They've should have kept Saints Row the grounded tone 2 had and let 3/4 be their own different game all together. This shoehorned dumbass sense of humor already overstayed it's welcome in SR3 and people are starting to see it. Saints Row already had it's own identity in SR2 and it annoys me when people deny this.

  6. It's not a Saints Row sequel. Just because Colossus was in Deadpool, does that make it a Xmen movie? Loving the game, its Overwatch if it had Crackdowns gameplay.

  7. I've only played Saints Row the Third and Saints Row 4. I loved the third one and the fourth was just a lazy copy of the third with superpowers.

  8. 100hrs in a game is "loving that game"?
    I wish video makers would actually play games more than they talk about "how good" they are

  9. As a gay man I loved and appreciated this game for MANY reasons that I shall not spoil outside of Hollywood's "tape" 😛

  10. "Agents Of Mayhem Is The Saints Row Sequel " bitch please go back your wwe channel ( game discussions are for people that play everygame from the named franchise ).In this case these 2 retards never played sr 1 and 2 only the shitty 3,4 and gat out of hell.-.-

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