Agents of Mayhem: Johnny Gat Trailer (E3 2017)


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Agents of Mayhem: Johnny Gat Trailer (E3 2017)

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  1. Yeah… if you've not played yet… it's defo Saints Row 5. I mean it even has Oleg and Pierce… just different names haha

  2. You have to pay to for a character that slightly improves the game? I rather fuck around with SR4 since I don't have SR3 anymore.

  3. I ordered this game online from game stop to get Johnny gat. But it was just the day one edition. nothing else. No code for gat. I've been ripped off!!

  4. For all those who want to know, this isn't a Gamestop exclusive and you can get it if you preorder it on Steam as well. Also this game takes place canonically after Gat outta Hell's "Recreate the World but in doing so Retcon the Saints" ending.

  5. I really fucking hate the futuristic stuff they're doing. saints row 1 and 2 were perfect; 3 was a little ridiculous but still lovable. But 4 was a complete trash baby of a game

  6. "Gotta give the people what they want" while not giving us what we want, instead giving us an open world Overwatch clone… ):

  7. So basically Gat out of Hell is canon? At least the cop ending? Huh……….
    I just want more dark themed gang banging(not fucking, I mean gang wars and shit). Really man, I want my Saints Row to go back to it's roots.

  8. Gat is definitely whats making me buy this, Gat has always seemed like that uncle that you think is much cooler than dad and let you have a drink of his beer one time but is always hitting on mom and that's why you barely get to see him.

  9. I'll never FUCKING EVER understand why someone would ruin such a good and potential game series as Saints Row 1-2 you're a bunch of fucking idiots

  10. I don't care! I don't care at all!!! I want it!

    I never seemed reasonable playing these games but damn I enjoyed them. I liked Saint Row 3rd, 4th. Didn't want to play Gat out of Hell because it is just a rehash, but I can't stop playing it.
    I want a new Gat game and I want to play it with disturbed individuals.

    These games are not for the sensible people.
    I never play these games with mentally healthy individuals. They do not understand this chaotic crap storm this gameplay requires. We lose because of your sanity!

  11. Launch will be a dud,
    About a year of desperately adding new characters to keep the game breathing,
    It won't work,
    It will go free to play, get up for one last breath… and die.
    Saints Row 5 reveal trailer

    That's what will happen.

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