Agents of Mayhem: Meet Rama


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  1. saints row 4 has steam workshop mods of agents of mayhem, i wonder if we can have saints row mods in agents of mayhem when its out

  2. Hey Volition. Are you planning on having a playable demo for this on the playstation store? I'm sure many people would love to give this game a shot before launch.

  3. Volition I'm a big fan of the Saint Row series and I have a question. have you ever thought of remastering Saints Row 1 and 2. I know for a fact many of the new gen console players never got to play them, I believe if you guys remastered them it would be awesome. I've played saints row since as long as I can remember, I love The franchise.

  4. Eliza had so many cool stories you didn't get a chance to ask how she got involved with Agents of Mayhem. 😛

  5. At 5:12, the concept art is on some kind of character design worksheet. The Maslow pyramid and the graphs at the bottom are pretty self-explanatory (and cool), but the central diagram is mysterious (and cool). Is there stuff you can tell us about that (and how you design characters in general, beyond the visual)? Is it already up somewhere?

  6. Hey Volition do you think it'd be possible for you to move the square showing who's playing and watching to the top right instead? So we could see the other Agents and whatever else is in the right corner. I feel like I'm always missing something when it's there. Plus there's nothing to important at the top right anyway. I know it's small but it's still a thing, thanks.

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