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In this video, I demonstrate an AI beating Slay the Spire with all three characters. This AI was written as a demo for Communication Mod, which is a new mod that allows external processes to control a game of Slay the Spire. To the best of my knowledge, it is the first AI capable of beating the game on a random seed.

Download Communication Mod:

Download the AI:

Communication Mod is used to replay a Jorbs run:

An early stream of the Slay the Spire AI (It hasn’t changed much since then), if you want to see the AI in action:

SuperFastMode Mod:


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  1. since all the wins fought time eater, do you think time eater is easier for your AI than the other bosses? I would think donu + deca would be the easiest because they don't respond in particular to any strategies a player uses. on the other hand, your silent AI would have a harder time beating awakened one because it favors playing powers, right?

  2. I am getting an error: Cannot run program "": CreateProcess error=87, The parameter is incorrect

    when i click the "start external process" button in the mod settings.

    It seems that the program isn't reading the command properly from the config file.

    I went into the config file: ( and edited the command line to read the path to the (is this the wrong config file?)
    #Fri May 17 10:19:34 EDT 2019

    command=python C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\spirecomm-master\spirecomm-master\

    (this: command=python C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\spirecomm-master\spirecomm-master\ didn't work either)

    any help is much appreciated.

  3. Cool mod. I was thinking of trying to make a bot for the game at some point but I didn’t really want to have to do all the work to hook everything up properly just to get started. I’ll take a look at this and see what can be done with it. It’d probably still take a lot of work to make a learner work properly, but it’s kind of interesting that a bot with such a simple heuristic can at least win normal mode.

  4. EDIT: nvm, I was looking at github releases and not official (Steam Workshops) releases.

    Just a heads up, a small typo in your pom.xml requires ModTheSpire version 3.10.1+, but the latest release of ModTheSpire is 3.6.3

  5. Alright, can't wait for somebody to make a neural network that tries to learn how to play on it's own! Unfortunately, I have 0 coding skill, so I can't do it myself…

  6. I am disapointed. I came expecting a slay the spire bot built on a convolutional neural network that would still lose horribly after hours of training. Instead, we get a hard-coded bot that actually wins?! The nerve!

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