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In this video, I demonstrate an AI beating Slay the Spire with all three characters. This AI was written as a demo for Communication Mod, which is a new mod that allows external processes to control a game of Slay the Spire. To the best of my knowledge, it is the first AI capable of beating the game on a random seed.

Download Communication Mod:

Download the AI:

Communication Mod is used to replay a Jorbs run:

An early stream of the Slay the Spire AI (It hasn’t changed much since then), if you want to see the AI in action:

SuperFastMode Mod:


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  1. I'd like to try to use this mod locally, but ran into some issues. I opened an issue on the github repo

  2. So to summarize, does it check the seed before playing to know how it can win? if not, what is the winrate?

  3. since all the wins fought time eater, do you think time eater is easier for your AI than the other bosses? I would think donu + deca would be the easiest because they don't respond in particular to any strategies a player uses. on the other hand, your silent AI would have a harder time beating awakened one because it favors playing powers, right?

  4. I am getting an error: Cannot run program "": CreateProcess error=87, The parameter is incorrect

    when i click the "start external process" button in the mod settings.

    It seems that the program isn't reading the command properly from the config file.

    I went into the config file: ( and edited the command line to read the path to the (is this the wrong config file?)
    #Fri May 17 10:19:34 EDT 2019

    command=python C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\spirecomm-master\spirecomm-master\

    (this: command=python C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\spirecomm-master\spirecomm-master\ didn't work either)

    any help is much appreciated.

  5. Cool mod. I was thinking of trying to make a bot for the game at some point but I didn’t really want to have to do all the work to hook everything up properly just to get started. I’ll take a look at this and see what can be done with it. It’d probably still take a lot of work to make a learner work properly, but it’s kind of interesting that a bot with such a simple heuristic can at least win normal mode.

  6. EDIT: nvm, I was looking at github releases and not official (Steam Workshops) releases.

    Just a heads up, a small typo in your pom.xml requires ModTheSpire version 3.10.1+, but the latest release of ModTheSpire is 3.6.3

  7. Alright, can't wait for somebody to make a neural network that tries to learn how to play on it's own! Unfortunately, I have 0 coding skill, so I can't do it myself…

  8. I am disapointed. I came expecting a slay the spire bot built on a convolutional neural network that would still lose horribly after hours of training. Instead, we get a hard-coded bot that actually wins?! The nerve!

  9. I reached 33th floor and i was proud. And you tell me that AI that picks most of the time automated options is better than me? SadPepe.jpg
    Btw nice vid

  10. This is so cool
    I wonder if someone will be able to do this without hardcoding the AI, like using NEAT
    Maybe I will try, someday

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