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Want to check out the new Fortuna update for yourself? Head to my link: http://smarturl.it/WFFAngryJoe and download Warframe for free! And a BIG thank you to the awesome crew at Digital Extremes for supporting the AngryJoeShow and sponsoring us!

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  1. The fact it's free is just amazing !! I would pay for extra content to support a game that Drives me to play…

    AAA games these days are shite and not be buying that.

    This is how it should be whilst buying a expensive Console

  2. Atleast get someone who likes the game to play it, it pretty obvious you don't give a damn about Warframe..

  3. I'm personally a huge fan of Warframe, and DE as a Developer/Publisher. I came here looking to see if AJ had an Angry Review of the game, but both the first video and this one are, yes, paid videos; But still not what I was looking for. I wanted to try and find someone that could see a side of a game I absolutely love, and tell me how it is bad in ways; This being my first and only choice for a possible negative review, came up short, in that Joe seems to actually like Warframe, which is good. Still, I wouldn't mind seeing, not a "negative" video review (assuming he does like it as much as he seems too), but what Joe may think of any constructive feedback. Having two sides to a story is a lot nicer than it all just being one sided, even if it all is good.

  4. Man, I love your content Joe, but this vid kinda made me cringe. It's like your dating a hot girl just for the fame, not the love (not that you're doing this for fame of course but coz DE sponsored you)😕

  5. When i first played warframe it was the best game ever then after playing it awhile (147hrs)…its repetitive asf. the same levels the same enemy the same objectives. and if you play this game without paying a cent for equipmet and weapons and characters etc. this game will rip your soul out and you cant get most of the stuff in gameplay…slide. jump. bullet time. slide. jump. bullet time. thats 25% of the gameplay

  6. How could Bioware think that Anthem could possibly compete with Warframe? Its just a high quality, vast game that is also free…

  7. idk, this game still has that f2p look, kinda cheap looking, I rather play a real game that you actually pay for.

  8. Angry Joe is trash. Lol he looks and sounds cringy af
    Only someone with 100s or thousands of hours ingame can do a legit review.

  9. I got turned me off warframe almost immediately. I played the first run and gun missions in which i slowly started dying from an illness called boredom. I then proceeded to uninstall.

    With D1 (since people are making comparisons) which i got when it released i was immediately hooked within the first 2 missions and them proceeded to rack up 800+ hours.

    Destiny 2 is basically just destiny one, same shit different flavour. It even followed the D1 pattern. The base game was meh but with all the DLC it's an actually brilliant game.

    It's almost like they make the game and then cut out 75% of it and use that as dlc….

    wait a minute

    Anyway if anyone can give me an actual reason to download this and give it another chance I'll happily oblige. As of now i feel like I'll just be wasting my time and would just get bored again…

  10. Why do people compare this to destiny when they are completely different. I honestly don't see many parallels.

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