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  1. liked every vid… Thanks for the giveaway! I like all of your vids 🙂
    …hard to choose one 🙂

  2. Minecraft: Creeper Quest Part 6 – Creeper of Mass Destruction When he
    flicked the lever and went ‘Yes! I’m a genius’ lol

  3. My Favorit Video is “Ray Plays: DmC Devil May Cry, Part 6 – Vomit Breath ”
    BEcause i love Your Channel and All Your lets Plays that you do , and i
    love love love the game DmC devil May Cry 5 And i Hope i win the Key
    because i Have do all Things -Subscribe -Like ALL your Videos -Make you
    Favorit And teh Craziest Video was “Minecraft: Creeper Quest Part 6 –
    Creeper of Mass Destruction” I LOve this Video !! <3 I WILL WIN THE KEY And
    I Have Share Your Channel on my Facebook Side I WILL WIN

  4. I liked “Ray Plays: From Dust Part 1”. My favorite part of it is when he
    says the lady’s mask looks like a potato chip.

  5. Little Inferno Part 4 Things that really entertained me.. 1.That wasn’t a
    beetle! It had tentacles!!! 2. 10, 9, 8 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, MOVE THAT (I
    think it said) BOX! 3. ITS DESTROYING EVERYTHING! What the hell… 4. Oh my
    gawd these things take so lonnggg! 5. If it keeps going off.. just take
    out the batteries. I can definitly say that my family has done that
    definitly in the past…(How the crap do you spell definitly!!!) Favourite
    Part… really… special sound making,… HAHAHAHHA

  6. I liked “Ray Plays: BioShock Infinite, Part 2 – New Eden”,my favorite part
    was when you came in the city and you excused to an NPC and laughed when
    you almoust get sinked by priest 😀

  7. I liked “Let’s Play: Crayon Physics Deluxe (PC).” I liked how he tried to
    draw that dick as the level was ending, but I also liked the edit at the
    end when he couldn’t remember the word request. I don’t know if that’s the
    usual for you guys but it was definitely good there.

  8. Minecraft : Wrath of the Fallen Part 1 – Battle at Sea best part killing
    the body guards

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