American Truck Simulator – Alpha build 0.1.60 gameplay

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  1. What i dont like about these Truck Simulators is that it don't teach u HOW to drive these as a first timer 🙁 ESPECIALLY REVERSE PARKING 🙁 🙁 🙁 I want to learn not just jump in a truck and drive :(

  2. Beautiful. But how weird there are no highways?
    I prefer the Scania trucks im sure someone will mod them into this game right?

  3. Quando você lança um jogo DITO NOVO, no meu modo de ver, tem que ter novidades, o que não acontece no AMERICAN TRUCK SIMULATOR, comprei o jogo original, já rodei mais de 3.000 km para ver as novidades, o que encontrei, foi cópias do EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR 2, principalmente nas empresas, o nome pode ser diferente, más o local é o mesmo do ETS2. Só tem 2 caminhões para você rodar, e estes caminhões você pode os ter no ETS2. A chuva continua artificial como no ETS2, eles não tiveram nem o cuidado de na chuva os carros levantarem o spray de água, quando você coloca na câmera de fora aí que a coisa fica mais artificial ainda, então o que tem de novo neste jogo ? a não ser o preço R$79,00, e não vejo ninguém criticando este lançamento, pode até ser que este jogo venha a melhorar daqui a 6 meses a um ano, o ETS2 para mim, é muito superior ao ATS.

  4. This video was over a year ago and there's more things in this then we got now in the game after realise lol

  5. The expectation of the launch of the ATS game, for me, did not respond, did not see anything extraordinary in the game, I have not seen anything yet that exceeds or is better than the ETS2. I confess I was disappointed until the moment with the ATS, as I rode over 3000 km in the game, and did not find anything new, I thought that this game would be different in many ways compared to ETS2, the city has nothing extraordinary, thought the SCS were to do something different, I realized that many things have been copied from ETS2, has virtually Pedestrians in the streets, there is no sound, the rain is still too artificial, nothing has changed compared to ETS2, if you put the camera outside, there is that is more artificial rain, the asphalt not of the feeling that wet, do not spray the car's wheels when it is raining, then I ask for to start a new game, it does not have anything new, there is not the few American cities, the highways is nothing attractive in order bought the game, evil will not leave the ETS2, that to me so far is much better than the ATS, it may be that within six months to a year, it better, beyond which only has two trucks to run, and ETS2 you have dozens of trucks, you can choose, so far this is my opinion on the game AMERICAN TRUCK SIMULATOR.

  6. How come in the alpha u have a CB radio and a express pass thingy on the windshield and not in the actual game

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