American Truck Simulator in VR – LIVE STREAM – UKRifter

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  1. Hi, i´m a big fan of ETS2, i playing with DK2. I read that the dk2 implementation suck. Have too many judder, even with 980TI. Is like that?
    Sorry for my enlglish.

  2. What's the longest you've managed to wear the Rift for whilst playing a game? Did you feel any odd effects after this hour?

  3. What graphics card do you have??? I have a 980ti and the game is unplayable on the DK2 when I'm in the cities, even on medium detail! It was really disappointing, especially since Euro Truck Simulator ran perfectly on a 980…

  4. A few months of practice and every VR-gamer will be a professional trucker. I don't know about you guys, but I'm putting this on my CV ;)

  5. I loved watching this so much that I bought a steering wheel and this game… it's great, just missing the headset 🙂

    Do you have a force feedback deadzone when the wheel is in the centre? mine has around 15-20 degrees, cant tell if i have a faulty wheel or not

  6. god thats was sooo enjoyable chris. had a few bears and hoped to some day be able to try it 🙁 only ever tried dk1 lol. and cardboard …. keep them coming … some good funny entertainment . love it dude

  7. Caught the stream half way through… Good Stuff! I've been taking a peek at the MP mods for this too.

  8. Looks relaxing. 🙂 Is it just radio that you can listen to or can you also play playlists from your computer within the game?

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