“Angels” – Slow Deep Sample {Rap} Beat Instrumental + Hook (prod.by Destiny) Free Download

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“Angels” – Slow Deep Sample {Rap} Beat Instrumental + Hook (prod.by Destiny) Free Downloadwas extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15719


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  1. Morgen der Herr 😀 Zum Thema Beat, sehr geil, pure Emotionalität und ganz
    klar einer der Besten die du Produziert hast, Sample passt perfekt großes
    Lob vom Label an dieser Stelle 🙂 Like, Favo hast dir damit gesichert 😉

  2. Einfach so unglaublich klasse bro, das muss ich ein weiteres mal Stempeln
    😉 und weißte wer ich bin? 😀

  3. Brudi geiler Beat !!! Kann ich ihn Benutzen, mache auch kein Geld damit
    oder sonst was dafür ! Bin nur ein Hobby Rapper der sich mit dieser Musik
    verkörpert und seine Emotionen raus lassen will an Beats ! 🙂 Also darf ich
    ? 🙂 

  4. thank you so much for this amazing beat !!! I made a song of this beat
    please check this out SmyQ-Niech płonie (prod.by Destiny)

  5. i made a song off this beat and posted it on face, all your links are
    included and your name is in the title, thank you so much for making the
    beat its truly a beautiful beat, please check the vid here Heart Break by
    doubleTAPP ft. Destiny Productions 

  6. its shit.. but might get you thinking to rap, enjoy.

    I saw an angel but she turned to dust
    Thought a miracle had happened but got slowly crushed
    Took my time with every sign positive But wasn’t enough
    To seal the deal
    it was I that stood by your side like a black knight in steel
    making sure no tear caught your eye
    but I no longer will
    stand forth catering your pain
    waiting to blast off like a stand off
    a needle in a haystack
    we’ve become so lost
    no longer recognise each other is it poss-ible
    that this is just another obstacle
    in the way of our relation
    another battle waiting as I remain station
    but I no longer ride with my cape in
    your making all the wrong decisions
    my envisions where for us to be closer then collisions
    but ironically the impact broke our living conditions
    we went from missing to spilling venom in the wrong directions
    my plan was to get through to you with my best intentions
    I already knew it was impossible it took meer seconds
    Till we argued you stayed on your defensive
    Like I was tryna be offensive, I wasn’t
    So when I left I meant it.

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