Angry Birds EPIC Gold & Silver Hack – Game Killer for Android


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  1. hi. i think i found the code for the gold…but when i edit it, the change
    is not saved…write-protection maybe?

    i searched for my current amount of gold spend 3 on the golden pig.
    searched again, and so on, until only 2 values left
    …but editing has no effekt…

    its 594F8EEC and 5C9FAF7D if that helps?

  2. Thanks for sharing my hack and promoting my channel! I needed some
    subscribers to see my Bad Piggy-ness! :)

  3. when i press search i cant choose for float or anything. also i cant modify
    What am i doing wrong?
    Playing epic on LG Optimus L70

  4. If anyone wants me to run this hack for them, PM on YouTube for details.
    $25 through PayPal and I’ll log into your account and do it for you. I can
    also get you all of the 300 gold coin classes and anvils/cauldrons.

  5. Its said found zero items for all of ur hack … what u sugg ? btw i see on
    the top of the page GameKiller:Epic[1251] … 

  6. So, you cannot get gold coins with game killer cause the values are in
    decimal, isn’t it? Or anyone knows the address for change the value for
    example for 3.000 gold coins bundle?

  7. I tried Game Killer on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 4.4.2 Kitkat fully rooted with
    xposed. Still when I open Epic Game Killer shuts down. I tried to reopen
    gamekiller during the game still it shuts down as if epic is closing it.
    What should I do??

  8. To get most of the items (except lucky coins) in the shop, including
    friendship essence, forge and alchemy materials, potions, use union search
    on the prices and change all values. For example, 50F,100F:512 should get
    you friendship essence. 100F,225F:512 should find most of the forge
    material prices, etc. It will probably work with a range smaller than 512,
    but I didn’t bother finding out.

  9. Does not work man!!! I try to do this program with my devise, and
    nothing.. when i put search. not appears nothing.. the game killer not work
    :'( really sad… is there another good program that works more easy than
    it?? cause in my game killer theres no the option “change value”, and i
    dont know why….. HELP ME PLEASE… BRAZIL USER HERE!

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