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    Follow these steps
    1. Type 1000 in Game Killer and scan it (FLOAT)
    2. Go to settings menu > Data Control > Modify All Values
    3. Then type 0.
    4. Go to the store and buy the 17,500 coins for FREE.
    NOTE: I’ve tried typing negative numbers to get Lucky coins but Game Killer
    won’t allow it and makes it say NaN and crashes the game.
    I’m currently finding a way for Lucky Coins.

  2. NEW HACK ALERT! And no, still no discovery for Lucky Coins Hack. This is
    Lucky Coins ITEMS hack! Just do the same steps as the coins hack i
    mentioned in my other comment, but this time with the cost of the lucky
    coin-priced item (It will not work if the price is too small, say 3 to
    100), you’ll see there’s no result because it wouldn’t all fir right? And
    you think i failed? WRONG! The next step: Play the game for a while, then
    scan in the Game Killer NOTHING, and press “Not Changed”, you’ll see Game
    Killer said the number of values decreased right? Repeat the process until
    the values are small enough to fit in Game Killer and change them all 0. 

  3. I found a way to hack your level so that you’re basically invincible. And
    sort of time consuming if your on a high level unless you have double
    xp(Game killer)
    1. Scan for your level as d-word
    2.Rank up once, scan again for your new level
    3. Level up again, scan (It should be down to 3 or 4 results)
    4.Change all values to 99
    5.Go to a new window in the game and you should see your new level.

    NOTE: Your attack does not go up until you roll for a weapon in the golden

  4. To get most of the items (except lucky coins) in the shop, including
    friendship essence, forge and alchemy materials, potions, use union search
    on the prices and change all values to 0. For example, 50F,100F:64 should
    get you friendship essence. 100F,225F:512 should find most of the forge
    material prices, etc. It will probably work with a range smaller than 512,
    but I didn’t bother finding out. Works with gold and diamond anvil and
    cauldron, and mighty eagle favorites of course. Some of the dungeons had
    pigs matching your level. They are all at 99! I mighty eagle’d them all
    the way.

  5. hi
    any one know how to do pepper hack and SNOUTLINGS hack with the older
    version of game killer v.1.9 coz the newest version does not work on
    android 4.4.2

  6. I could also get this to work only for 1 level … any idea how to get it
    working got all levels ?

  7. It does work for ios but it doesn’t make it for every level( for ios is
    game player as gamekiller ) and on game player I couldn’t search for
    something like 20F,3F:64

  8. I actually gotten this to work, but I noticed it only works for “ONE” level
    after the “Value of 100.00”, and “Modify and Lock” has been made, I
    haven’t played no more than two levels where my chili was fully at 100%.
    Your video also shows you playing only one level after your hack. If you
    can show it works indefinitely, other than “Two” levels, please make a
    video =)

  9. Guys you can also hack your health, just locking the float value for
    invincibility, or… better yet, you can hack the health of the enemies
    decreasing points, searching for float values, of course.

  10. Thanx Paul!!
    So maybe as in CSR Racing.. the gold method hack was find a value
    that “which so far has acquired” quantity, and the number could be
    increased, so the gold added to your profile! Maybe.. try this trick ..
    Now as in your video gamekiller wont find value, or find 2 or 3 floating
    data, but not example 54.12, but 54,12345.. and in vain modified any, or
    all of them, paeeper wont filled up 🙁 WICH version of gamekiller you use?
    2,6, or 2.8?? Coz 2,8 find more adresse, and faster, but if i try edit
    data, the display just flashes.. :(

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