Angry Birds EPIC LEVEL 99 Cheat/ Hack – Game Killer for Android


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  1. Can anyone tell me how to create a new item and rename it like he had? Plz
    tell me I have a hard time figuring out how to do it

  2. I am so sad that I can’t get game killer to stop telling me I need root
    privilege when I have my Samsung tablet rooted and I have SUPro as a system
    app and I can even get SB Game Hacker to WORK as an app, but I can’t get
    any of the hacks to actually WORK. AB Epic with the silver and gold coins
    is so damn annoying and I want to buy gear or level up or SOMETHING and I
    just wish I could get GameKiller to WORK. I have 2.8… I have root. I
    thought I was COMPETENT! But I feel like I know nothing when I try every
    video in the book and nothing does anything. I’m at a loss…

    I still want to thank you, VidsByPaul, and KickassANGELO and anyone else
    who created this stuff or shares it. I just wish I could make it happen…

  3. +VidsByPaul plz reply .i’m using bluestacks and the only hack app that
    works is sb game there a way to do this hack?or any other hacks
    except the silver money hack?

  4. hey you i search like u i mean plus item5 add number 2 DWORD but it not
    found any item it’s 0

  5. Hey Paul!! hhmm.. something wrong.. Of course the method working, but
    after i hack up my lvl to 99, all my birds have appropriate to the level of
    value, except the wizard (yellow) bird.. 🙁 So can i rescan to my level
    adresse – maybe set to 98 than 99 again perhaps..- than my wizard bird
    values go up..??! (i think my default red bird, afer level hack can damage
    ca. 900, and have 2500 life point.. the black and blue birds can damage
    over 1400, and got huge health.. ect.. only my yellow bird caught at the
    level.. Thanx, cheers! 

  6. clash of clans hack is wanted more… iphone users are dominating android
    users…… show what you can do.

  7. Paul? my gamekiller doesn’t work it just says done when I type in anything
    and does nothing :/ any idea?

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