Angry Birds EPIC Silver Hack using SB Game Hacker


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Rating: 4

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  1. Hey Paul, Can you hack Fish Out of Water (It’s out on Android), the fish
    energy? If you can Rage Chili, i’m sure you can hack the boost of fish.

  2. Vidsbypaul I found where you can hack coins it’s like you essence of heart
    glitch thing but with coins do the value of 2 packs of coins and make it

  3. hey bro can u make a video for essence of friendship with this same hacker
    SB GAME HACKER cuz u have video with Gamekiller i have game killer the only
    problems is this hack dont work in my Galaxy note 3 SM-9005 and the only
    hack work in my device is SB GAME HACKER and this video work rlly rlly fine
    for me plz bro

  4. i know the sb game hacker works because i was able to get the diamond
    cauldron and forge for free, but i didn’t get the 17500 snoutlings even
    though i got the list down to less than 100…just doesn’t make sense!

  5. I can’t get the gold, gems, or legendary item hacks to work with sb game
    hacker. It keeps crashing the game or is too high to modify. What I’m I
    doing wrong? 

  6. Hey Paul. I do the same thing as you. But mine says modification succes.
    But it’s still 1000. How can that happen?

  7. Can someone help me, I downloaded it but it came out in all Chinese or
    Japanese and I don’t know how to root it so I’m super stuck. Help

  8. Information:if you search for 1000 on game hack
    Thats will be hard to game hack to fined so you must search for 1000.0
    thats will make the game hack fined it easily… 

  9. thank you soo much man it works fine to me !
    Could it works on the items ? plz say yes and tell me how 🙂
    thank you in advance u made ma day 

  10. Hey Paul my current device can’t be rooted and I’ve been trying to get epic
    to run on my rooted bluestacks with no success. If I were to provide you
    with my rovio log in could you up my gold and silver? Thanks for your time

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