Anti Revoke for iOS 12 & iOS 13 Download on iPhone NOT WORKING? How to FIX Anti Revoke ERRORS!


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Anti Revoke iOS 12 & iOS 13 released: the anti revoke stops revoked apps on iOS 12 & iOS 13. However, anti revoke users have encountered errors when using anti revoke dnscloak. This video will cover all anti revoke errors, and how to fix anti revoke download on iPhone & iPad iOS 13 & iOS 12, so that revoked apps will not show! The anti revoke dnscloak is free to download, and anti revoke is in the app store!

About the anti revoke: Dnscload is the first anti revoke available in the app store, which will blocked tweakbox & tutuapp revoked apps on the latest iOS 13 & iOS 12! the Anti Revoke is completely free to download, and will guarentee to fix tweakbox apps not downloading & tweakbox apps not working, as the anti revoke blocks connections to apple, so that revoked apps stay signed on iOS. The anti revoke does not patch revoked apps, or apps not downloading from tweakbox & tutuapp, but the anti revoke does keep signed apps from revoking!

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  1. Q&A (Tap on “read more” for all of the questions)

    DNS Cloak (Anti Revoke) isn’t loading / DNS cloak is stuck on the logo: 0:47

    DNS Cloak (Anti Revoke) will NOT connect to the server: it’s stuck on connecting 1:37

    My apps from Tweakbox & other 3rd party appstores still wont install / my revoked apps wont verify / my aps crash when I open them 2:04

    My apps STILL revoked eventhough my Anti Revoke was on, why is this? 3:33

    I have the Anti Revoke on, yet I cant connect to the wifi / celluar data 5:09

    When using hotspot, why don’t my other devices receive internet 6:15

  2. What about when my iPhone automatically disables “connect to server” or restarts DNS Cloak even when I have it set on “Connect on Demand “ This happens all the time and I get revokes

  3. THANKS SO MUCH!!!! my problem was that i couldn’t verify my app but with ur help i did it!!!!

  4. Hey i got a problem i hope someone can help , i got a pc with windows 10 and I downloaded iTunes and back up my phone a year ago , now i want to restore my back up and iTunes said there is no back up on this pc I searched the settings and i found the back app file is there anyway i can restore the backup?

  5. I used the adguard pro anti revoke but my apps one day just randomly crashed when I opened them and the profile for them vanished and 2:04 didn't help this happened to me twice now any ideas?

  6. I’m 55 minutes late because I was playing dragon ball Xenoverse 2 on PlayStation 4 and thanks for the help

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