Anti Revoke: Stop Tweaked Apps (TweakBox, AppValley, Ignition & More) Getting Revoked – No Jailbreak


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Anti Revoke: Stop Tweaked Apps (TweakBox, AppValley, Ignition & More) Getting Revoked – No Jailbreakwas extracted from

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  1. guys don't use tweakbox, i had that shit for like a year thinking it was fine because nothing happened to my phone then a couple days ago my phone went beserk and notifications saying Tweakbox is recording kept popping up, (the kind you get when you're phone is on 10%) and it would t allow me to shut off my phone or click anything on the screen. left it for the night and next day rweakbox was gone

  2. Bro this is a scam, ive been using this for a week but today my apps got revoked . This is a joke , i wonder what this app did to my device while im connected. Scary af

  3. my phone literally can’t even function when it’s on
    when i say can’t function i mean it doesn’t connect,open any apps at all and it won’t even allow me to connect
    edit: nvm i got it to work i hade to do everything over again for the throes time but i got it

  4. Hey i just subscribed and follow your steps it works, but waiting if my apps that had been downloaded to tweakbox will get revoke, does this Dnsapp VPN that is always running safe? And fine to run al the time? Thanks

  5. Yo guys can someone name an third party app that lets u get modes games cuz all the ones I know are vip and shit, btw I’m on iOS the modes games I need are dragon ball legends or and naruto blazing

  6. So if i already have installed like happy chick and its still working and then i install the DNS cloak app does it work then or do i have to re install happy chick?
    Pls help

  7. Bro i have geometry dash hacked but dont want to uninstall cause i have a lot of things tht take a lot of time to do and if i uninstall all things gonna get deleted so its done ?

  8. Any way we can anti revoke without using vpn? Vpn makes me uncomfortable of my privacy, like cards# etc. Can someone enlighten me how safe this vpn works?

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